Friday, February 23, 2007

Surgery, what it can do for you + Food + Fashion

Ayumi Hamasaki, an extremely popular Jpop singer, and also a fashion leader, idolised by many.

Almost to good to be true right? At least I thought she was perfect, but low and behold, a friend passed me some links and it proved that Ayumi was not all that she seemed.....
After guessing what to click on various Japanese webpages, I bumped into this.....


After reading translated articles, the perfect Ayumi Hamasaki, is not so perfect afterall. It was found out that Ayumi has undergone much surgery since her early years and she actually had a bit of a weight problem too.

Notice below that her eyes have been "fixed" to look more rounded, more Westernised, compared to her naturally Japanese eyes.

But hey, I'm not against surgery, as the world is superficial and you are usually treated by how you look rather than who you are, and if you change any feature of your physique for the purpose of self esteem, there is nothing wrong with that.

Do what you need to do to make yourself happy.


Because of this discovery of my beloved Ayumi, I have thought more about the eye surgery. I honestly hate my eyes because they're so chinky and small. They are also light sensitive so bright sunny days require me to wear sunglasses all the time and the flash from a camera cause me to squint my eyes.
Plus my ears are big....[-_-]...lucky I can hide these with my hair.



Casual Friday - started off a bit nippy early this morning but it warmed to its projected 28 degrees, the sun is out and it is a beautiful day, we are also sans cloud, which is odd because it was raining late last night.

Top: 2 x wifebeaters from Phils & U.S., RL polo from U.S.
Bottom: Levis jeans from U.S., Chucks "Vintage" from Singapore.

Speaking of Singapore, earlier this week I was informed that I will be taking another business trip to Singapore. To do some consulting with clients and training with staff there on one of our products, Goldmine Enterprise Edition (GMEE).

I love traveling but I honestly hate flying, because 1. it takes friggin' ages to get anywhere (can't they just fly as fast as they can up there?!), 2. the aircon in the planes affect my skin badly and cause me to dry up and be flakey.



I cooked these at work this morning for breakfast, how delicious. Notice there are 4 layers of waffles, with 5 love hearts to each layer. Hhmmm 4 x 5 = .....20 waffles!! :)

God bless my waffle maker.

On the topic of food, shout outs also go to Phillip and Catherine, thank you for showing me some junk food near your workplace and it was nice to meet your friends.


Tonight, off to eat dindins and watch Rocky Balboa (finally!!) with bestie Gra-che (Grace) and her bf Joni.

Wish me luck for this Sunday's bball game, it's our final game for the season before the playoffs begin.

Go Titans!!


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I want.......XD

First and foremost, I can't get over this suit. It just looks so perfect and well suited (slap me for the pun) to my physique and my style.


But unfortunately, I can't, for the item is located in Japan, although I can purchase it online, I'm very fussy about the fit, it must be perfect. I'm very afraid of choosing the wrong size, or worst-case scenario, the fit is just not right.

Just look at it, the slim style which results in a snug fit, the jacket length is also shorter, and the lapel is slimmer which results in a more compact look. It still appears to be elegant, but strikingly fashionable at the same time, and best to be coupled with a narrow tie to add to the slim theme.

Plus it suits both my role at work (perfect for my meetings in the boardroom) and stylish enough for use at a drink lounge in the City after work. 2 uses in one day? Can anyone say perfikt? :)

C'mon seriously, you can totally see me wearing this.

Dang, I want it so bad. I need to fly to Japan now! I'm planning to go to Tokyo this year with bestie Grace and her bf Joni, but we'll see how we go between work and study.

I could also pray that work will finally open an office in Tokyo which has been in the works for quite some time, even before I started. Then I can go visit there. ^_^

Speaking of Japan, I was shopping the other day at Market City and some dude who works at one of the clothing stores said I look like a famous Japanese actor, then proceeded to ask if I was Japanese, only problem is, it didn't get me a discount on the stuff I bought.

Har har har. >_<



Clothing brands come with their own odd accessories, and one that I've recently come across is well known Japanese label BAPE (A Bathing Ape).

Check out this BAPE inspired toilet paper.....

I can see Pharrell bringing this along at a Hollywood party showcasing it.



I finally got around to tasting these chocolate biscuits. They are ridiculously delicious. Reminds me of the chocolates I ate from the Philippines or the U.S.

The chocolate is different, much better than the ones we have here. I think the chocolate here has preservatives or something? :/

But I always enjoyed imported chocolates more than the local variety.

Definitely add them to your chocolate list, McVitie's Penguins, from Sugarfix at Sydney Central Plaza, or from an Irish grocery store in Bondi.

Mood: sick (fever) and in pain (retarded knee).
Song of the moment: Razor Light - Dior Homme

A collection of Dior Homme songs, that were used at their fashion shows can be downloaded here. Enjoy!

Monday, February 19, 2007

New & improved Pogi + Food + TV + Fashion + Bball + CNY

Pogi is pledging a plan, a goal if you must, to improve his physique. At the moment as you can see from my previous photos, that I am rather lean, to a point of a druggo looking Calvin Klein model, and I wanna change that image.

And I wanna change that image. Wanna be more muscly so I am more of a threat in sport, i.e. I don't get pushed around by Zangief (Street Fighter) sized opponents in the key at basketball, and to generate more power from my tennis racquet.

So far I'm dodging the gym, only because the gym costs could go towards food. XD Silly I know but I just would rather spend monies on food rather than the gym. For a start, I do 3 sets of 30 pushups in the morning and in the evening 30mins of a dumbbells circuit.

Ofcourse I'll make changes and make my work out more intense. But for the mean time, a start's a start.

And who knows, maybe I might end up like Rocky!...............I wish.. :/



One thing about being Pogi is that his work colleagues travel plenty, and what does this mean?

It means that they bring back candy and chocolates for Pogi. :) Winnah!

Thanks to Poh who arrived back today from the U.S., I now have a bag of Reese's Pieces. ^_^ One of my favourite chocolates.

And here is a small amount that I made in a pyramid.



Sorry for not making a TV post in a long time but I was kinda distracted with the other thread topics.

Anyways, a quick update, on 24, Jack Bauer is trying to save the U.S. again, but this time, the terrorists have detonated a nuclear bomb (first time ever)! And his father and brother (recently deceased) were partly behind it, meanwhile ex-President Palmer's little bro Wayne, is now the President. The plot thickens. I love it!

The O.C., I must say is getting boring, it is not as witty and the teen characters are lifeless, except of course Summer (Rachel Bilson) as she brings sunshine in every scene. *sigh* I'm awaiting the "finale" due to it being axed in the U.S.

One Tree Hill, Nathan cheated on Hailey!! GGRRRrrrr, what a bastard, considering he's been a goodie goodie for the last few seasons. So unexpected! And he cheated with Brooke! Maria and Karla, my OTH buddies, will be totally blown away. Plus they were rooting for Brooke, I'm a Peyton fan. ^_* Lucas has yet to find out that Dan killed Keith and Mouth is getting more girly action.

Family Guy is still funny, but American Dad is kinda topping it, just slightly. Everybody Hates Chris is still sub par, but it has it's funny moments, especially the prejudice against Chris and his race.

No Prison Break last week, but there's one this week! :)



Pogi got this as a hand me down from his uncle. Another shade of colour to add to my chocolate coat.


Can't wait to wear it out. I have plenty of gear to wear with it. Now to plan some outfits for it.

*prays for cold weather*


Blardy 27 degree Summer days.



Pogi is back with the Titans after a week's break due to last week's cotillion. But no harm no foul (bad pun), last week the opposing team forfeited.

Strangely, due to some admin error, we are playing the same team this week as we did last week. We won 55-34 over Burnt Toast, however our team struggled a bit at the beginning due to hangovers and weekend tiredness, but we compensated in the 2nd half and won comfortably.

I scored 5 points, FG 2/3, 4 fouls (phew!), 5 steals, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists.

Highlight of the night was my BS And1 play, where I was in a fast break (Rukawa style), up against Zangief (Street Fighter) and some other tall dude on their team. I went for Zangief because he was supremely bigger than me so maybe I could draw a foul.

I made an attempt at the shot, but got barred by Zangief and drew the foul, but as I bounced off him, I threw the ball up, gracefully, and it bounced off the backboard and into the ring! Woohoo! The crowd went wild. Plus I hit the free throw too. :) Very Michael Jordan like. Har har har.

Also great team work due to our new players Baz and Danny. Excellent additions to the team.

I can feel us winning this division, only one team stands in our way: Ballers.



Now I couldn't let my Chinese blood forget....

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fat Chai or Fa Cai. I dunno which one rings true.

The main event: Piglet.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day + Cotillion + Food + Fashion + Injury

Happy Valentine's


What does Valentine's day mean to you?

According to Wiki, "it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other; sending Valentine's cards, candy, giving of flowers and donations to charity."

Today, there are anti-valentine's people EVERYWHERE. Both single and partnered people despise this day. They complain that it is a Hallmark (card manufacturer) conspiracy who want to capitalise on card sales, or rose growers who want to take advantage of unsuspecting lovers (with roses up to $100 each), or chocolate manufacturers (Lindt, Darrell Lea, etc.) making us fat and finally Australia Post racking it in, almost as much as Mother's Day. Can it get any worse?

But out hope. People out there still believe in Valentine's day. These heroes stand up against the anti-Valentine's villains and courageously send their loved one flowers, candy and poems. If you're one of these people, never give up, never surrender! You are the hope left to keep a burning flame alive.

Below is a snap of some Valentine's gifts some dude was guarding at Central station. What a champion.

Why bother do you ask?

The sight of your loved one being surprised by a serendipitous moment from you. Her eyes opening in shock when you present a gift at the most unsuspecting moment, and when she or you feel the emotions that sparked the start of your beautiful relationship.


Which side am I on?

Why ofcourse, I'm all for Valentine's day! ^_^

I had my own plans today but I have this which is one of four gifts I had on offer:

Cute eh? It's a pig, which tie's in with Chinese New Year and it has a pink and red heart wand.


Pix from Anna's 18th Cotillion

Don't they all look hawt? ^_^

More pix of cousins and guests below:

My cuz Anna is the one towards the left from the middle in the strapless dress with a tiara.

The pic below is part of Anna's cake which I hovered near by like a hawk before the ceremony. There were seven, yes, SEVEN tiers of cake. Each one had it's own candy flowers and came in ube cake form. I drooled staring at the cake, but they pushed me away, thinking I'd eat it all for myself....which I would.

It's pink, Anna's favourite colour and it sure is one pretty cake, that also tastes delicious.



Whilst doing some shopping I ate at a Japanese restaurant and had this dish, teriyaki chicken ramen noodle soup.

It was nice and the waitress lady said in a very cute, Japanese accent influenced English way: "Hope you enjoy your meal." How adorable.

And of course, how can I not forget to mention my standard Super Slurpee for the day? Today's flavour is Tropical (?), unfortunately they weren't really specific on what tropical fruit were chosen.




Not wasting any opportunity whilst I was out and about looking what else to buy for Valentine's, I did some shopping for eerrrmmm...........myself.

I picked up this awesome camo green LRG jacket and a pair of swanky checkered shorts which are styled similar to Bermuda shorts.

And if I match them shorts with some preppy gear I have, I will look like one of these guys:

How freakin' hilarious! >_<



Here is the culprit of my woes for the last two years. My right knee. F#!!#*!# %#!(%#!*!#. I hate this knee, ever since I tore cartilage and ligament in it 2 years ago, it's been nothing but trouble. Any sport aggravates my injury, causing it to weaken and then the next day fragile and brittle. After seeing a doctor a while back, he said due to the extent of the injury I need treatment (surgery), or I will forever be stuck with this problem.

Now, to find time to have the surgery, including a minimum of 3 months on crutches and bandages.

Doesn't sound like it's worth it right now. I should focus on my career.

Now to have a glass of milk before I get some booty sleep. :p

Mood: exhausted but happy because it's Valentine's and love is all around, but also still sick, so hot flashes all around.

Song of the moment: Goldfrapp - Strict Machine.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My work + Shopping + Food + Fashion

I thought it would be nice to introduce y'all to where I work.

I work for an international I.T. CRM (customer relationship management) software firm located in Sydney. We have offices all over the world but our office is part of the Asia-Pacific region. The office atmosphere is awesome and I wouldn't have it any other way, the people I work with are amazing. I learn a lot from them.

I'm very lucky to have been hired by them as well as they being very lucky to have me. XD Why? Because of my superb waffle cooking skills which I make every few days.

Here is a noted pic of my workstation.



Last week Thursday is what? Late night shopping! And thanks to my mom I have a Myer gift card to spend. XD

I shopped amongst Chinatown and George St but I mainly was in the area of Pitt St mall.

To pretend to be a tourist, I took some snaps of the place. :)

But I had to be grown up and spend the monies on practical items, i.e. my cousin Anna's 18th cotillion today. I shopped

And here is what I copped that night:
  • Florsheim shoes
  • 2 x Van Heusen Euro slim fits business shirts
  • Van Heusen cufflinks (woohoo! this makes up for the pair of Bvlgari cufflinks I lost somewhere in my room [-_-])
  • 3 x neck ties (2 x Van Heusen and 1 x Hansarde Hauteur)
QED. Sexay Pogi.




Later that night I ate dinner at Sydney Central Plaza, and due to my Malay and Indo work colleagues intro-ing me to their native chilli, satay and curry dishes, I had the urge to eat satay chicken.

It doesn't look healthy or that appetising but it was tasty although it later gave me some tummy trouble. :/

And since I was in the area, I had to pop in to Pogi's favourite candy store: Sugar fix.

Sugar fix is the penultimate candy store in Sydney (second to Haighs, Lindt, Darrell Lea, etc.), they sell popular candies from all over the world.

Johnny G from work mentioned a Timtams rival called Penguins by McVities.



Another TGIF post and another casual Friday outfit.

Top: 2 x wifebeaters from Phils and U.S., RL polo from U.S., Dickies jacket from U.S.

Bottom: unknown pants from Phils, Vans slipons from U.S.

And now, time to get ready of cotillion tonite. If you're from Sydney, you'd notice the torrential rain we're having. >_<>

Mood: still sick :/ but excited.

Song of the moment: Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wish list item #32

I can't believe my eyes...could it be? Will my dreams come true?

A slurpee machine?

IT IS!!! ^_^

Look at this awesome invention, it is a completely miniaturised version of a slurpee machine that you see at 7-11!

The gadget is even automated as it keeps twirling to keep your slurpee nice and slushy.

I....must....have.....ONE...or maybe THREE..

I love you eBay.

And to think, I can make my own drinks and cater for all my friends! Hmmmz what flavours can I choose? Skittles? I remember having a Mountain Dew Code Red in the U.S., now that was delicious.

Check out this champ with a monster slurpee. What a warrior! :)

And now check out this baby drop their slurpee and then starts crying, due to the slurpee being wasted, not cos the baby fell. XD


Even cats like slurpees.

Ok that's enough of my slurpeegasm for the day. Back to reality, where I don't have immediate slurpee access in my home. *cries*

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Work + Fashion + Cheesecake + My Sexy Byatches


For those who know Pogi, he is:

a. not built for physical labour (translation: lazy kient),
b. is not used to waking up prior to 11am, especially on weekdays (translation: Yogi bear), and
c. takes forever to get ready hence always late (translation: minty).

And Pogi + Job is a combination that goes against all science and logic. Who would have thought that
I, the definition of laziness (who strives to find a new level of laziness every day), has settled into a real job?

Bit unbelievable isn't it?

But it's a reality. One that I still cannot believe, one that family and friends cannot believe.

I have however
adapted to working, before it took me 1hr and 15 mins to get ready: 10 min shower, 15 min nap, 5 mins face stuffs, 5 mins choosing what to wear, 1 min putting it on, 5 mins deciding whether it suits, 1 min taking it off, 5 mins choosing what else to wear, 1 min putting new outfit on, 2 mins preparing and drinking a glass of milk, 1 min brushing my teeth, 5 mins packing my gear and the rest for my hair (usually around 20 mins).

Now I can get ready in 45mins! Superb!!

Work today was a byatch. The last 3 days were busy, I actually felt like a grown up. I didn't even have time to take a nap at my desk or surf the net. How cruel.

Today alone, I had 3 meetings this morning, three! Is Pogi really that in demand? d|0_o|b

But it all worked out good, peeps at work gave me props for my hard work.



Today's work outfit:

Hot day! 27 degrees plus possible showers (and it did in the arvo).

Top: RL blue themed shirt from U.S., standard 2 wifebeaters (under) from U.S.
Bottom: Esprit plain black slacks from DJs, Dickies black
Accessories: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male




This cheesecake deserves a mention, especially with it's own part in this blog post.

I love you Johana for making this cake.

This folks, is a homemade Mars Bar cheesecake that work colleague Johana made for the office (really for me - cos she knows I have a sweet tooth). She also mentioned her hubby is eating healthy and abstains from sweets. Poor him, he doesn't know what he's missing out on. But advantage Pogi! More cake for me!! :)

Delicious, no?

I had a cakegasm when I saw it. 0_O Then another when I took my first bite.


My Sexy Byatches

Quick shout out to my sexy hunnies Maria (on the left) and Lucia (on the right). This was taken in Parramatta after Karla's b'day dinner. Don't we look hawt? OK maybe not me but the girls!!

Maria I've known since 2nd year Uni, and she is an absolute gem, a beautiful girl and an amazing friend, I have so much in common with you, you are my adopted sister (big sister - hehehe).

Lucia I met through Maria and you too have a beautiful soul, so wise with your words and never afraid to speak your mind.

I'm wearing a Yogi mask because I blinked in the photo (sensitive eyes). ^_^

Notice how these girls are wearing heels? CHEATERS!! You'll never be as tall as me! Mwhahahahahha. *slap*


Mood: feeling sick/nauseous, from meds.

Song of the moment: Dido - White Flag

Monday, February 05, 2007

Fashion + Butchered + Korean BBQ + Bball

Haven't posted in a while so I sure hope this makes up for it.



Last Thursday

Top: White Van Heusen business shirt from DJs, GAP dk brown wool sweater from London.
Bottom: Dickies leather belt from U.S., Esprit dk brown pinstripe chinos from Sydney.

Later that evening after late night shopping....Pogi in wifebeater goodness!! (I just took my shirt and sweater off from the previous outfit :p).

Top: Dickies white wifebeater (under) from U.S., Puritan ribbed white wifebeater (top) from Phils, wooden feather necklace from Philippines, Silver charm necklace from Jenny.

Bottom: Dickies leather belt from U.S., Esprit dk brown pinstripe chinos from Sydney.


Top: Wallstreet style blue and white shirt (one of my fav shirts) with blue stitching on the collars and cuffs! ^_^ from Sydney, GAP navy cotton sweater from Vancouver.

Bottom: Hickok leather belt from Philippines, Express dress pants from U.S.

I've been doing a lot of the shirt + sweater combo, simply for a change from wearing a suit, plus it's getting far too warm these days (25-30 degrees) to wear a suit.


I got butchered.............

Good thing though is that after 3 days, it's grown a fair bit, so hopefully I'll have my longer hair again. What I like though is the back of my head, which you can't unfortunately see in the pic but it is shorter so it kinda stands up but it is still at similar length as before.

My neck feels a bit nekkid tho. ^_*

Atm it looks very Korean/Taiwanese, and confirmed by Maria from work that I look like one of the F4 guys, >_<. I tried to style them in two different looks, 1st is a conservative look and 2nd is a more outgoing look. What do you think? Jesus, look at my eye brows, :/, I need them to get threaded real soon.


Korean BBQ

Next to Japanese yakiniku, my other fav is Korean BBQ, not only because the meat is delicious, but I like to bbq things.

Cooking at dinner makes it much more fun, but I just have to learn to not be over zealous and accidentally burn myself (it leaves scars!!).

Although I'm not too versed with the actual elements in Korean BBQ, but typically you are given those small bowls with potatoes, kim chi, vegetables, etc. as appetisers.

Then you eat your mains which may or may not involve a hotplate/hotpot or bbq.

Jebus, look at those pieces of meat, it may not be wagyu but dang is it juicy and fattening as well.

The only gripe I have with Korean BBQ is that I'm not the biggest fan of certain chillis/spices. I can handle tabasco but I can't handle kim chi at all. I start going read like a tomato and drink loads of refreshments.

The kewl thing about this type of food is the presentation, much like how the Japanese present their food, in small servings and in their own little cute containers. :)

But I suck at eating it, I think I eat inappropriately by bringing my rice bowl next to my face like how Chinese people eat.

You see, I may be 100% Asian but I can't use chopsticks too well, and I look like a complete goof when I attempt to use them. -___-



Titans won again this week! :) Huzzah!!

Played against Filipino rival team Battered Savs and whooped them 58-20.

I twisted my knee again last night from the most idiotic things, a pass. Well it was a long range pass if that counts.

I was making an inbound pass and noticed Danny (position: Forward) was unmarked around 3 quarter court, so I bullet passed him the ball. To do this, my feet had to be implanted in the ground and I do a 180 degree twist in my torso and launch the ball.

I made the pass successfully and we scored in that possession, but I felt a crack and sharp pains from my right knee (damn you!) when I threw the pass.

And now again, I am limping, people at the train stations must think I'm disabled. [-_-] I'm not!!

I also scored a dismal 2 points from 1/4 attempts, but I made about 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals.


Me being the nice and generous younger brother is going to buy big sister a GHD hair straightener because she mentioned it Sunday morning after using one at her friend's place. She didn't know the brand that her friend has but GHD is well reknowned here for its performance in hair straightening.

And Florsheim has a pair of shoes I scouted last week. Gonna buy em! :)


Mood: happy but in pain.

Song of the moment: Vanila Ice - Ice Ice Baby (don't ask...)