Monday, February 19, 2007

New & improved Pogi + Food + TV + Fashion + Bball + CNY

Pogi is pledging a plan, a goal if you must, to improve his physique. At the moment as you can see from my previous photos, that I am rather lean, to a point of a druggo looking Calvin Klein model, and I wanna change that image.

And I wanna change that image. Wanna be more muscly so I am more of a threat in sport, i.e. I don't get pushed around by Zangief (Street Fighter) sized opponents in the key at basketball, and to generate more power from my tennis racquet.

So far I'm dodging the gym, only because the gym costs could go towards food. XD Silly I know but I just would rather spend monies on food rather than the gym. For a start, I do 3 sets of 30 pushups in the morning and in the evening 30mins of a dumbbells circuit.

Ofcourse I'll make changes and make my work out more intense. But for the mean time, a start's a start.

And who knows, maybe I might end up like Rocky!...............I wish.. :/



One thing about being Pogi is that his work colleagues travel plenty, and what does this mean?

It means that they bring back candy and chocolates for Pogi. :) Winnah!

Thanks to Poh who arrived back today from the U.S., I now have a bag of Reese's Pieces. ^_^ One of my favourite chocolates.

And here is a small amount that I made in a pyramid.



Sorry for not making a TV post in a long time but I was kinda distracted with the other thread topics.

Anyways, a quick update, on 24, Jack Bauer is trying to save the U.S. again, but this time, the terrorists have detonated a nuclear bomb (first time ever)! And his father and brother (recently deceased) were partly behind it, meanwhile ex-President Palmer's little bro Wayne, is now the President. The plot thickens. I love it!

The O.C., I must say is getting boring, it is not as witty and the teen characters are lifeless, except of course Summer (Rachel Bilson) as she brings sunshine in every scene. *sigh* I'm awaiting the "finale" due to it being axed in the U.S.

One Tree Hill, Nathan cheated on Hailey!! GGRRRrrrr, what a bastard, considering he's been a goodie goodie for the last few seasons. So unexpected! And he cheated with Brooke! Maria and Karla, my OTH buddies, will be totally blown away. Plus they were rooting for Brooke, I'm a Peyton fan. ^_* Lucas has yet to find out that Dan killed Keith and Mouth is getting more girly action.

Family Guy is still funny, but American Dad is kinda topping it, just slightly. Everybody Hates Chris is still sub par, but it has it's funny moments, especially the prejudice against Chris and his race.

No Prison Break last week, but there's one this week! :)



Pogi got this as a hand me down from his uncle. Another shade of colour to add to my chocolate coat.


Can't wait to wear it out. I have plenty of gear to wear with it. Now to plan some outfits for it.

*prays for cold weather*


Blardy 27 degree Summer days.



Pogi is back with the Titans after a week's break due to last week's cotillion. But no harm no foul (bad pun), last week the opposing team forfeited.

Strangely, due to some admin error, we are playing the same team this week as we did last week. We won 55-34 over Burnt Toast, however our team struggled a bit at the beginning due to hangovers and weekend tiredness, but we compensated in the 2nd half and won comfortably.

I scored 5 points, FG 2/3, 4 fouls (phew!), 5 steals, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists.

Highlight of the night was my BS And1 play, where I was in a fast break (Rukawa style), up against Zangief (Street Fighter) and some other tall dude on their team. I went for Zangief because he was supremely bigger than me so maybe I could draw a foul.

I made an attempt at the shot, but got barred by Zangief and drew the foul, but as I bounced off him, I threw the ball up, gracefully, and it bounced off the backboard and into the ring! Woohoo! The crowd went wild. Plus I hit the free throw too. :) Very Michael Jordan like. Har har har.

Also great team work due to our new players Baz and Danny. Excellent additions to the team.

I can feel us winning this division, only one team stands in our way: Ballers.



Now I couldn't let my Chinese blood forget....

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fat Chai or Fa Cai. I dunno which one rings true.

The main event: Piglet.


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