Sunday, February 11, 2007

My work + Shopping + Food + Fashion

I thought it would be nice to introduce y'all to where I work.

I work for an international I.T. CRM (customer relationship management) software firm located in Sydney. We have offices all over the world but our office is part of the Asia-Pacific region. The office atmosphere is awesome and I wouldn't have it any other way, the people I work with are amazing. I learn a lot from them.

I'm very lucky to have been hired by them as well as they being very lucky to have me. XD Why? Because of my superb waffle cooking skills which I make every few days.

Here is a noted pic of my workstation.



Last week Thursday is what? Late night shopping! And thanks to my mom I have a Myer gift card to spend. XD

I shopped amongst Chinatown and George St but I mainly was in the area of Pitt St mall.

To pretend to be a tourist, I took some snaps of the place. :)

But I had to be grown up and spend the monies on practical items, i.e. my cousin Anna's 18th cotillion today. I shopped

And here is what I copped that night:
  • Florsheim shoes
  • 2 x Van Heusen Euro slim fits business shirts
  • Van Heusen cufflinks (woohoo! this makes up for the pair of Bvlgari cufflinks I lost somewhere in my room [-_-])
  • 3 x neck ties (2 x Van Heusen and 1 x Hansarde Hauteur)
QED. Sexay Pogi.




Later that night I ate dinner at Sydney Central Plaza, and due to my Malay and Indo work colleagues intro-ing me to their native chilli, satay and curry dishes, I had the urge to eat satay chicken.

It doesn't look healthy or that appetising but it was tasty although it later gave me some tummy trouble. :/

And since I was in the area, I had to pop in to Pogi's favourite candy store: Sugar fix.

Sugar fix is the penultimate candy store in Sydney (second to Haighs, Lindt, Darrell Lea, etc.), they sell popular candies from all over the world.

Johnny G from work mentioned a Timtams rival called Penguins by McVities.



Another TGIF post and another casual Friday outfit.

Top: 2 x wifebeaters from Phils and U.S., RL polo from U.S., Dickies jacket from U.S.

Bottom: unknown pants from Phils, Vans slipons from U.S.

And now, time to get ready of cotillion tonite. If you're from Sydney, you'd notice the torrential rain we're having. >_<>

Mood: still sick :/ but excited.

Song of the moment: Chemical Brothers - Galvanize


alkulp said...

Nice bedspread!

PogiChinoy said...

Haha. You know it!!

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