Friday, June 08, 2007

Pogi: the Birthday boy

Been a short while since my last post but gosh, this last week has been crazy busy. Apologies.

Thank you to my work peoples for hosting my birthday lunch at my favourite Japanese restaurant in Sydney.

Yakiniku box

I had my yakiniku as per usual, gosh I love wagyu beef. So succulent and flavoursome. I think I should marry one of the girls working at this restaurant.

Can anyone guess where this is? I think all my hints should make it easy for you.


Take two

After work, the family and I had a quiet dinner at a favourite Korean BBQ restaurant, dead centre in the City. Can anyone guess?

I love this restaurant, but gosh, they really need some hosts that can speak some decent English. It took 5 mins to explain to a cute but confused girl that we wanted the table cleared for dessert. Instead she thought we wanted the food to be put in takeaway containers, then she thought we weren't happy with the food, and finally she thought we wanted to order more food for takeaway.


But she was cute, sweet, and tried her best to understand me, so she isn't in the receiving end of my frustration.

Finally, the manager was able to understand what we meant after some further explanation.

One of my favourite things about this restaurant is that there are TV's everywhere and also a projector that loops Korean music videos.

Not Hyori Lee :(

One of the hosts told us, "Wow, this is a lot of food!". My family must've felt fat for a second, but hey, Filipinos can eat a lot, and Chinoys can eat a lot more. ^_^

BYO: 85 degrees desserts

Lovely gift from a lovely person

Thank you Bernadette for ordering this beautiful and delicious Mars Bar cheesecake, and willing to deliver it to my home in the very, very late evening.

I appreciate it.

I know I don't say it much, but it's cause I'm rather shy but I love you!

This weights like 5 kilos!


Take three!

Then another birthday lunch (because they know how much I love food) at yumcha. Surprisingly, some of our Melbourne peeps made the trek up for my birthday work and joined in the festivities.

Could you believe some of them have not tasted a mango pancake? For those who don't know what it is (for shame!), it is a dessert, which consists of a slice of mango, vanilla icecream, whipped cream and covered in a mango flavoured pancake. When my work peeps took their first bite, I could see a sense of yummy relief on their face.

The next words that spoke from their mouth was: "OMG! Thank you for intro'ing me to this!", "I'm not eating anything till I get more of these mango pancakes!", "Dude, you're a legend for showing this to us!", "Albert, I'm gonna go eat with you all the time!".

Mission accomplished.

But honestly, who could resist mango pancakes?


Take four!

Another night of Pogi's birthday celebrations. This time its with University buddies. Since I'm the birthday boy, I get to eat where I want (spoiled much? never!). Again I chose Korean, because a. I love Asian food, and b. some of my friends have not eaten Korean before.

I took Neil, Maria, Krist, Karla, Claudia, Peter and Archie to another favourite (gee, I have a lot of favourites huh?) Korean restaurant on Goulburn st. Another guessing game for you folks! ;)

Funny part of the night was when the manager saw Krist struggling to slice his meat, so he took it upon himself to grab the tongs and scissors, then began to cut up the meat for him. At that moment Krist looked like he was five years old as he gave childish looks whilst the man cut the meat up right in front of him. We too were silent. But we're laughing hysterically inside.

Krist, Omar & Peter

Uni peeps!

Afterwards, I chose to go for an evening of karaoke since I came straight from work and have not been feeling well. Clubbing can be postponed for another day.

Sexy loves?

Now who would like to see a bunch of manly men sing Kelis, Milkshake?

Ok ok, no hate, here we are again singing to Neyo, Sexy love.

But the highlight of the evening would have to be us men singing Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha. Too bad I didn't get a video of that one.

A couple of hours later, I called it a night and proceeded to sleep on the way home, courtesy of Neil and Maria.

A big thanks to everyone who came! And for those who sent their greetings to me in the form of messages and phone calls.

Plus of course receiving a Slurpee machine for my birthday. Love you all!


Take five!

Yumcha once again, but this time with Bao, Tuan and Vu. However, shout outs go to Bao (she's in the picture below looking silly as usual) because shes special. And by special I mean, stupid, retarded but strangely lovable.

Bao & Tuan

We unfortunately had run-ins with an evil tea lady, possibly instigated by me, and annoying waiter dude, due to Bao picking fights with anyone and everyone.

I had two of these mango puddings. Yum freakin' YUM!

Tofu dessert

Pickups from Breadtop



This outfit is inspired by Lee Junki, a Korean actor. I don't know what's wrong with me but its quite common with most things. If I like something, I will continue to eat it, wear it, go to it, as much as I can, till I get sick of it. So expect consistency with me.

Top: 2 x Dickies singlet, Fox knit, Rayban sunglasses
Bottom: Revoltage denim, Vans prison issues