Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yup, it's around that time of the year again, for Animania!

Animania, much like SMASH, is an event for the masses to share in their interests of Japanese culture, namely manga and anime.

For me, it's an excuse dress up in various costumes for fun, and also to catch up with old friends, whilst making new ones. XD

Luckily, the venue is at the Sydney Town Hall. The big, oldish looking building, across the street from QVB and next to Town Hall train station. This is much more easily accessible than SMASH, which was held at UNSW. Plus food will be more accessible at this venue. Yehey!!!

Food is very important to me. :p

I'll be cosplaying again, but this time, I'm making the effort to attend as a different character on all 3 days.

Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk!

I kinda prefer Sakuragi Hanamichi, because he has more character than Rukawa, but I'm told I look more like Rukawa, and play like him too, plus Sakuragi has red hair, I can't do red hair. >_<>

Yagami Light from Death Note

Pretty much going to be the same costume I wore at SMASH. It's Light-kun's outfit which he wore at the funeral.

Great thing is, is that we're doing a Death Note cosplay group. I will be Light, Tarou will be L (and handcuffed to me, hehe), and Miso and/or Sharyn will be Misa-Misa.


Now if only we had someone to do a Ryuk or Rem. Hhmmmmz, any takers??


I wanted to go as a Jrocker, and was advised that I would most successfully pull off Gackt's look. Not this exact look in particular, but I recently purchased a similar jacket as he does in this pic. I certainly won't wear the vampire coat he has, or bleach my hair blond, however, I will be getting my ears pierced to wear crucifix earrings on them.


I'm sacrificing my ears with pain just to pull this cosplay look off. Isn't that dedication? *sigh*

Sharyn, has had some experience with Jrock make up and she'll be doing mine. :p With the aid of Miso I believe. Oh dear, I hope they won't make me look too feminine.

Tarou will be Ryutarou (Plastic Tree), and Miso will be dressed up as Nana.

But girls, we'll need to meet up and do a practice run ASAP.


So if you're interested in Japanese culture, manga and anime, or me (?), please feel free to come down on the last weekend of September, 28th-30th, at Sydney Town Hall and enjoy the festivities.

Say hi if you see me. XD


Song of the moment: Sekai ga Owaru Made Wa - Slam Dunk OST

Monday, August 27, 2007

AUNSW + Food + Law Revue = Good times

Something I missed out a lot on, during my university years were social clubs. One of which was the AUNSW (Anime University of New South Wales).

Much like other universities' Anime clubs, a group of people get together and share their interests in anime/manga/Jdrama or any other Japanese related topics.

Check out their website above, as it details when they have their weekly meetings, which include a drawing session and screening sessions.

They are also a great bunch of people, and as Sharyn would say, "
We're all really, really ridiculously good looking and saw how awesome we were."

I attended their drawing session, although for me it was to catch up with my new found friends. I brought Skittles and Timtams. The Timtams Tarou later dropped on the floor, possibly a hint that she's only interested in Skittles. But yes, everyone attacked my Skittles.

I'll bring more next time. XD

A sexy drawing by Tarou. She's just so talented. I wish I could draw like that, but I'm kind of limited to TMNT, X-men and Dragonball.

I'm errrr, good at tracing?!



Red Hat, a Chinese restaurant 10 mins from UNSW was where had our dindins. I had the Hokien (Hokkien?) fried rice, that of which was the hugest serving I've ever seen.

Even I, the Master of eating the foods, was unable to finish it all.

I did however steal some of Mi So's Thai fried rice, which was very delicious. I'll make sure to eat that instead next time. :)

Meanwhile, Janice kept us entertained before our food arrived with some magic tricks. Ain't she adorable?


Janice the unicorn

Now doing the hundred hand slap

She can do magic too!

P.S. sorry I forgot to take snaps for my food porn collection. *nuts*


Law Revue

The primary purpose of the evening was to watch AUNSW's Law Revue. Which is a series of comedic skits and theatrical numbers, some of which are related to today's legal and political views.

It was full of laughs and is fun to watch. It definitely made the night much more enjoyable. :)

I made the mistake of having a conversation with Eve, which quickly moved on to the topic of yaoi, her love for it, her love for Jrockers, and her project that will result with guys in lolita dresses, *faints*. I better keep an eye on her, she can be evil. Actually, she already is evil. Shes the evil Yaoi mistress.


Thanks again for the invite Sharyn.


It was great to see everyone and meet new people from AUNSW and SMASH. I had fun. Shanx!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I got SMASHed the Sydney Manga and Anime Show at the UNSW Roundhouse!

Poor sods I dragged with me were Bao, Lynda and Tuan. I of course gave them 2 weeks notice of this event and proceeded to remind em every few days by saying: "We gotta look sexay at SMASH!!"

Bao's response, "No need to, I'm always sexay!"



SMASH starts early, at 10am. Which is the time we intend to arrive since the Host club cafe starts at 10am as well.

I wake up at 5.30am to start looking pretty for the day. But with my unhealthy hair, I need to sleep on it before I style it so I can get more natural oils. So after showering, I style the hair and then take a nap until 6am. Weird I know.

But I overslept.

It's 6.30am! Time to get into Raito (Death Note) mode, i.e. suit, necklaces, the hair, his cold but serial killer facial expression and of course, the Death note.

I'm ready, fighto!!

I left home at 8.20am, supposed to be at Bao's by 8.30am.

Due to being an uber cool driver. I managed to get to Bao's in Greenvalley in 30 mins.


Sorry, no pre-SMASH picture of my outfit.


SMASH at the Roundhouse!

Thanks to GPS we got at UNSW in time, at 9.50am. *phew* Little did we know that this event was heaps popular and there were like 100 people outside waiting to get in. I was cringing when I saw the lines. One was the pre-register and the other, general entry. I asked one of the people in the shorter line. "Umm, which line is this one for?" *prays* He replied, "Pre-registered tickets line." *heart sinks*

So us 4 shuffle over to the end of the line, which leads past the hairdresser and into the main walkway of UNSW. I'm so cut.

Little did I know I would bump into these characters.

Misa chan! (Miso)

Yukata Misa chan? (Sharyn)

My dear Misa (Miso) and my nemesis, L. (Lynda)

How awesome do they all look?!!

Pure hawtness.


I joked that whoever touches the Death Note, see's scary Bao. GAhahahahha. And for that, I got a sucker punch into my left arm. Ouch!! Dead arm! >_<



As you can see, the turn out was great. There are heaps of people, but plenty more to come because more patrons poured in past midday.

The host club cafe (Ouran highschool) was ok, but I the SMASH cakes were rather ordinary. I was praying for a cheesecake, but got like a fruit tart. Plus I was hoping for ramen but it was only dessert.

There was a wide variety of cosplayers. I met a few L's and Misa chans, of course, there were many Final Fantasy characters. Check out the pictures other photographers and cosplayers listed here.

L (Tarou) and Misa (Miso), with stupid boy blinking.


The events for the day were a games room, where my Hwoarang lost and got my ass handed to me, drawing competitions, karaoke competition, cosplay competition, cosplay chess, host club cafe, maid cafe, anime dating game, whose line is it anime, etc.

Halfway through the day, we needed a good feed, but only had a small variety of food on hand at the venue, i.e. hontou pancakes, skewer kebabs, dimsims, fishballs and fried noodles.

So we hurried our ass over to Chinatown in the City for some dumplings. Tuan and I made the mistake of ordering soup. With me thinking that soup would be ideal for the rather chilly weather.

I had braised beef with noodles soup. How little did I know it was horrible. The dish didn't look too bad but damn, the soup was all peppery taste, and the beef as well. I could only have a few bites before I gave up, then I proceeded to eat Lynda and Bao's dumplings.

We wandered around Paddy's market to look for some figurines for Lynda's car. Then later found The Nightmare before Christmas figurines, in cute form. They had the funniest and cutest facial expressions.


At this point I convinced the others to come back to SMASH for the remainder of the day and enjoy in its festivities.

Bao, Lynda and Tuan, laughing it me..jkjkjk

Luckily, we got back to the Roundhouse in time for the Cosplay competition. I asked one of the organisers behind the stage if it was too late to join (me playing dumb, knowing that the cut off time was at 1pm).

And guess what?!

My Misa chan (Miso) was there to the rescue.

She saw me and pulled me into the line.

I got to have a bit more chit chat with Misa, as well as the two L's from earlier and other cosplayers.


Then it was our turn, and low and behold, when our names and characters were announced as we took to the stage, the crowd roared.

I was like, "Wow, they really like Death Note, not us...."


Then I hear Miso's friends yell, "Take it off!!", hmmmmm, but my friends aren't innocent either, they yelled out, "Kiss him!".


Unfortunately, we didn't win the Cosplay competition, as either best male, best female or best group.



Finally, the day was over, and I exchanged contacts with the new friends from Anime UNSW I made that day at SMASH, dropped of the little kiddies back to their home and crashed at my bed, exhausted.

Being a Kira is tough work!


Song of the moment: Lee Junki - One Word.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I look like a girl [-_-]

No really I do...

MyHeritage has a service which it compares your face amongst various Celebrities.

...I guess Bao who has been grilling my ass for looking feminine finally has some ammo against me.

You win this round devil girl. Hmmmf.

First go

I'm worried....I look like Sun from Lost.

The sad thing is, I tried another picture and hoped I got a better result.

2nd go

No dice, MyHeritage still believes I look like a girl. :/ But at least it is Kyoko Fukada, what a hottie!


Korean Drama

For the past couple of years I've been watching more and more K dramas (Korean dramas), and for those who don't know much about Korean dramas, they are synonymous with love triangles, and lots and lots of crying.

In this particular drama called My Girl, the story is about a girl named Ju Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) who is a chronic liar, she accidentally/purposely bumps in to rich, hotel owner, Seol Gong Chan.

Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) is trying to find his long lost cousin for his grand father who has become ill and wishes to see his grand daughter before he dies. He see's an opportunity with Yoo Rin and decides to use her to pretend to be his cousin until they find the real grand daughter.

All this is happening whilst, Seol Jeong Woo (Lee Junki), Gong Chan's best friend begins to fall in love with Yoo Rin, only problem is he needs to prove to Yoo Rin that he ain't no player no mores. But he fails to realise that he can't fight true love.

Sae Hyun (Park Yi Seon), Gong Chan's girlfriend, known as Korea's Sharapova, returns from her success in tennis she decides to take Gong Chan back. He accepts her, however, Yoo Rin begins to fall in love with him. A complicated four-way love relationship begins with Sae Hyun, Seol Jeong Woo, Yoo Rin and Gong Chan.

Feel free to preview the show, from here. Don't worry, it is Korean dubbed but English subbed.


From left: Lee Junki, Park Si Yeon, Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook

I absolutely adore this drama, because it has a mix of everything from laughter, to sadness and to romance.

Plus it has Lee Da Hae, who is an absolute cutie. I completely fell in love with her character, her performance is amazing and she's so talented! Plus, off the set, she is completely down to earth and an amazingly person with a warm heart.

I'm so jealous of Gong Chan. Bastard got to kiss her.

So pretty!!

And the hair grows longer....

Why am I growing it at this length?

For SMASH, Sydney Manga and Anime Show. It is a fun filled day which includes a Host club, Maid cafe, Karaoke competition and cosplay (costume play) competition just to name a few.

And the connection of my hair and SMASH? Well I'll be turning up dressed up as a Japanese host club member. That's right! Like those ones who chat up girls and gets them to buy expensive drinks at a Host club.

Not only that though, I'll be turning up dressed as Raito Yagami from Death Note. Hehe. It'll be fun.

For the fans of manga and anime, please turn up on the 18th of August, this Saturday, to UNSW Roundhouse, it's only $12 at the door or $9 prepaid.

Be there! And come say hello to me. ;)


New Skittles flavour

Skittles has come out with a new flavour. It doesn't compare to the Wild berry and Tropical flavours but it isn't too bad. Best ones are the candy apple and fairy floss.

As you can see I bought a heap to try, and this pile doesn't even compare to the ones I bought for work.


Top: GAP tee
Bottom: Dockers chinos, Samuel & Kevin belt

I can sense a 3rd root canal coming...


Top: Fox knit, Old Navy hoodie
Bottom: Topman jeans, G2000 belt, Vans prison issues shoes


Top: G2000 shirt, charcoal 3/4 coat
Bottom: Old Navy belt, Topman slacks, Bostonian oxfords


Things that irk me right now

Losing my Blistex
Losing my Blistex
Losing my Blistex
Finding out I didn't have a backup Blistex
Finding out I didn't have a backup Blistex
Finding out I didn't have a backup Blistex


What I miss most about the U.S.

Snickers ice cream


Song of the moment: Christian Bautista - She Could Be


Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm back baby!! I'm back!

Seems like its quite consistent with me apologising again for neglecting my blog but I sincerely do apologise, as I was exhausted from my trip, had to catch up with work back in the office here in Sydney and also attend my physio sessions every week.

Does that justify on requesting for a personal assistant?


I think so...hehe

Btw position is still available, please refer to here. *wink*


Now quirky things I noticed at Chappell Hills mall.

A sign to indicate stairs. Now this is getting silly, when I see stairs, I don't need a sign to tell me that there's stairs. But at least they're being considerate for the slow people in this country.

No really?

Now shopping at the GAP is also nice and convenient. Check out this cute little button inside your change room. Got any sizing or style probs? Push it and an attendant will be with you shortly.

Push if you're horny.

This is just as convenient as the more busier GAP stores where they all have headsets and communicate each other when serving customers.


A pretty scenery shot of the mountain range of Colorado Springs. How nice. So lush and green, its everything you see on those American family movies. I'm thinking Homeward Bound.

I'd certainly live here if I was retired, because its just so peaceful. Rarely any crime and everything you need (if you're a retiree) at your finger tips.

But the little Asian boy in me wants me to live back in the motherland of Asia. Most probably Japan, South Korea or Singapore.

It honestly is very peaceful here. COS is pretty much a Caucasian dominated city, with other ethnic nationalities being the African-Americans and Mexicans. Asians don't rate highly here and was told by some workmates that when I'm in public, they notice that the people stare at me. Mainly because of the way I look (Asian) and the way I dress.


I tried to look like a local. But failed to find anything I liked in stores such as the GAP, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hot Topic and Buckle.

Problem with those stores is that they contain very similar clothing. And scarily enough, the clothes I bought from the GAP and AE five years ago are still similar to the ones there today. Nothing has changed! :/


I watched not only one, but two baseball games!

It was so awesome! My first baseball game. I was watching the Colorado Skysox play and we kicked their (some other team) ass.

As you can see the weather doesn't look too fresh, but COS has odd weather like in Melbourne. It was freezing cold in the early morning, hot in midday and finally cold and raining in the evening. Can't make up their mind?

And a baseball game is never complete without a fight. The situation here is that the pitcher through a beamer at the hitter and clocked him on the leg.

Then as the hitter was taking his base, he exchanged words with the pitcher, then seconds later they rushed each other and then the whole team and players in the dugout joined in.

I was in complete awe and only managed to snap a few shots. DAMMIT!!

The hitter was kicked out of the game, heheeh. And there was one particular (shirtless) character in the stands who stood up for the Skysox and shouted abuse to the other team's kicked out player, giving him all the shit he could dish out. Nice work! :)

Was thoroughly an enjoyable two games and an example of such convenience at the baseball game as you can buy sno cones and cotton candy there.

Perfect for people with sweet tooths like me.


Where's the bunny?
Can anyone spot the bunny?
Should be pretty obvious.


Thrill of life time.

To the non car appreciators, skip this part, but for those who appreciate cars, stick around. But thanks to Rob for hooking me up a ride with his friend, Eric's ride, it's a Mustang Shelby GT500. It is a beast of a machine and roars like a sexy momma.

We reached up to 100mph on this sweet ride.

And to think it only costs approximately US$30k, but the Shelby Cobra (a lesser model) costs about AU$90K.



Food porn

. : Room service : .

Details: New York steak sirloin, Grilled Italian sausage sandwich roll, Banana pastry with strawberry and unsweetened Iced tea.
Notes: Delicious but nothing exceptional, other than the dessert.

One of the sexiest Cookies and cream milkshakes (from Denny's) I've had.

How could I resist not having a dozen of Dunkin' Donuts? Haven't had these in years. And they were everything I remembered them as.

Now don't feel disappointed, I ate a heap of food there to a point where I didn't have enough room for dessert. That's right! Pogi missed out on dessert. Poor me. *weep* I just forgot to take a snap photo.

I ate at various places, including Dennys, IHOP (International House of Pancakes), Red Robin, Zios (Italian cuisine), On the Boarder (Mexican cuisine), Wendys, Chick-Fil-A, Salsa Brava (Mexican cuisine), Cracker Barrel (Cowboy cuisine), Applebee's, and last but not least Chicago Hot dogs.

It was mentioned to me that Mexican food is very popular in the US, to a point there people would not survive if Mexican food was removed from their cuisine.

It's like Sydney and our Asian cuisines.

A special mention goes to the Chicago Hot dogs. These are the tastiest hot dogs I've ever had and at first I wouldn't have thought would be good. From a glance its a hot dog, with relish and a salad including cucumbers.

I thought, this looks horrible and sounds horrible, but when you take a bite you are floored.

My knees were weakening and you couldn't have a conversation with me because I was busy cherishing every bite.


A special shout out to Robert Beers and his family, you have a beautiful family and honestly you are lucky with what you have.

Thank you for befriending a picky person like me and putting up with my relentless sugar addiction.

Catch up with you soon.



Speaking of catching up with people, need to meet up with Grace and her trip with Joni, Thao and Joe in Japan.

Lucky bastards!

I would've joined y'all if I hadn't gone on work travel.