Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Singapore Food porn ^_^

Time for some Singapore food porn. XD

Fake Yakiniku

Details: Yuki Yaki (Marina Square)

Notes: Strange way to cook beef, but it was an interesting experience. I embarrassed myself during the payment process. The owner said he'll charge me a kid's price [-_-] because he said I didn't eat much. We were there for an hour! Friends later told me that it was because "most" restaurant patrons spend 2-3 hours in one sitting there. :/


Details: Some Chinese restaurant that I can't pronounce the name. :/ (Marina Square)
Notes: Duck was sexay, but waitresses could not speak English well, and no dry napkins, only wet naps.


Store that sells baos. Pic is for Bao. har har har. I bet she lubs it. ^_^

Details: Bao Today (Marina Square)
Notes: n/a (I didn't try)


Not quite Jollibee but close enough. The food looks too processed though so I didn't try it. This pic is for my Filo peoples. :)

Details: Jollibean (Marina Square)
Notes: Not Jollibee. :/


Details: Ichiban Boshi (Suntec City)
Notes: Nice Jap food, and awesome desserts, I love the bananas!


Pogi does slurpee in Singapore

Details: 7-11 (Orchard rd)
Notes: Green apple is so tasty and refreshing on a hot day in SG, which is everyday. :)


Details: Imperial Treasure (Marina Square)
Notes: Looks tasty, but its bitter! eewwww. I took one bite and made a face. :o


Details: Lychee snow cone drink and mango canang something something. :/ (Suntec City)
Notes: Very delicious, so addictive in flavour and sweet enough for Pogi's sweet tooth. :)


Details: Passionfruit yoghurt bubble tea (Suntec City)
Notes: Goes down very smooth but doesn't come in super large sizes. Like Vancouver's 1 litre bubble tea. :)

Stay tuned for more food porn. >_<

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Singapore! + Scary + Shopping + Part hardy

Apologies for no updates but during the week I was busy with work and ever since I touched down in Singapore, I've been busy non stop.

OK as I was checking in for my 8.30am flight at Sydney airport, there was a hurdle. The lady behind the desk requires the last 4 digits of my mother's Amex card or else I won't be able to get my boarding pass. No problem. I give my mom a call. Her phone is off. [-_-] After looking at the time, it's about 2am in HK. I try my sister (they're both in HK on a holiday), her phone is off.

Sydney Airport

OK honestly, why is there a need to keep your phone off? Unless you have enemies, what if you need to be contacted in an emergency?

People please keep your phone(s) on at all times!

Luckily, the guy at the service desk recognised my last name and asked if I was Myrla's (my mom's name) son. Of course I said yes and he quickly apologised and gave me my boarding pass. Not only that, he said I should've mentioned I was her son, and he also gave me access to the Singapore airlines First class/Silver Kris lounge! Awesome!! If I knew it would be like this, I would've mentioned my mom's name everywhere. XD

First class/Silver Kris lounge

What can you do at this lounge? Watch TV on flatscreens, free food, free drinks (including alcohol), free magazines/newspapers, access to the Internet, bedrooms for short naps, etc. Very luxurious, but it doesn't compare to the size and facilities as the lounge in Singapore (Changi airport).


On the flight SQ220, I was seated next to a cute Aussie/Singapore girl. She was rather tired though, I noticed her sleeping for most of the flight.

To kill the boredom, I watched Babel which was OK, don't think it really deserved all the hype but Rinko Kikuki's performance was outstanding, she should've received an award.

8 hrs later, I arrived to this:

Marina Mandarin hotel

Compared to other hotels, Marina Mandarin totally lives up to its 5 star rating. I only have a premier room (stingy work) but it's still very nice.

My room

I ate with Li Wee at Ichiban Boshi, a Japanese restaurant where I had a beef steak thing that was cooking on a BBQ. A real yakiniku experience will be reserved for later. :)

Being typical Pogi, I left my sunglasses at the restaurant. :/ Luckily for me, Li Wee called them later that night and arranged for me to pick them up tomorrow.



Work lady, Li Wee met up with me at the hotel and showed me to our office (since I arrived their on Friday around 1.30pm, which is still a work day for SG). With the lights off, our SG office looks scary and kinda reminds me of scenes from the English version of The Grudge (Japanese version is called Ju-on).





Now after settling in, knowing how to get to work from the hotel. I have to do some shopping.

A couple of hours later................

Shopping haul #1

I know, I know. It's not much but I didn't want to splurge straight away. Pogi has to be a smart shopper. So far, 2 Zara suits (black and dk brown - which are fitted, slimming and cropped. Hmmmz I'll compare it to that Dior Homme suit I posted a short while ago. Also two jackets, one funkii dk camel blazer, and a contemporary very Eurody look black jacket.

Oh and a FHM magazine. ^_^


Party Hardy

I met up with Li Wee again, two former FRS workers; Wendy and Elbert (who is Filo too!), as well as Wendy's friend Jenny.

We ate out at a restaurant next to Singapore river. I think the area we were at was called Bicao?

Li Wee and I were the last to arrive, because I errrmm take a while to get ready. Little did I know that the others already pre-ordered food. One in particular was stingray. And they did NOT warn me it had chili. As soon as it put it in my mouth and started chewing. I felt the effects.

My lips felt swollen. :( And my tongue was on fire. I ordered duck, and that kept me happy for the rest of the meal.

Now off to do some fun stuff. They took me to Insomnia, which was in one of the best locations and reminded me of Greenwood. It was conveniently located in a section of an old converted convent. Very classic.

A couple of hours and many tequila shots (peer pressure - har har har) later, I retired back in my room. This was around midnight. Now, normally I'm all up for an all nighter but I was awake for over 17 hrs, plus I was jet lagged.

Jenny, Elbert, Wendy and Li Wee

Wendy, me (swollen lips) and Li Wee

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fashion + Titans (Shohoku) basketball feature


Another amazing suit find. Blardy hell!!

I really need to go to Japan. Hmmmmz, maybe if I take these to Singapore, Li Wee can help me find a tailor to make this suit for me? :/

I just can't describe it anymore, it's very similar to the one I posted previously but hot dang, this looks so nice when worn semi casually.

At this moment, I want it so bad, I just can't stop thinking about it. I know, how retarded, instead of thinking about someone like Hyori Lee, this is clouding my mind.



Friday outfit

Warm day at 28 degrees, so I thought I'd do a short sleeve today and wear comfy chinos for a Preppy look. Hair wasn't very manageable that day. :/

Top: 2 x singlets (Puritan & Dickies from Phils and U.S.), lime green RL polo from U.S., building keys, vintage Ray Bans (my father's).
Bottom: Samuel & Kelvin blue belt, Dockers khaki chinos, white Umbro velcro topsiders (not in picture).


Basketball (Shohoku style)

It was Titan's 2nd playoff game tonite. We were up against a team called Rippers. Unfortunately, I won't be playing active sport anymore but I still made the effort to come and cheer them on.

This was one nail biter of a game. Similar to that of the Slam Dunk! (anime), Shohoku vs Kainan. The final score was 42-40. The winner was decided in the last 10 secs of the game.

Below, is Dennis on the right, and his gf, Lam on the left, don't you think he sorta looks like Kogure-san?

Meanwhile I can't tell who looks like Gori, either Dhany on the left or Vern on the right. They both look surprisingly similar to Akagi-kun.


Part of our cheer squad, Louise (Pete's gf & Dennis' sis) and Dhany's gf (sorry! forgot your name). They weren't cheering Rukawa, neither were they cheering me, Pogi. :/ But if I was on the court, I'd hear my name in the cheers. :)

Now for some basketball commentary. The first half has been stress, both teams were trading points, blow for blow. It was pretty much neck and neck, and no one team had more than a 6 point lead between each other.

We only had 6 active players tonight. Peter, Dhany, Cameron, Gibson, Archie, and Vern. The other team had 7 active players.

The 1st half ended with us having a 6 point lead.

Below is a snapof Pete sinking a free throw.

The beginning of the second half. My heart pounds harder. I want us to win, to finally win a division in this Narellan basketball tournament.

As you can see, our team (white) had a lot of tall mofos to compete against. Damn I wish I was playing. :/

The player taking a shot is a friend of a friend of mine, met him once but I forgot his name. I also took this candid pic hoping that the flash would distract him and cause him to miss the shot.....and it did. :)

But one of their tall mofos secured the rebound and scored. :/

Again, trading points between both teams. At one point, we had an 11 point lead, but they caught up. After a couple of poor possessions by us, the other team hit a couple of easy three pointers and lay ups (cherry picking bastards) and they were only 2 points behind with 19.6 seconds to go.

Now in an odd change of events, Cameron got fouled, he made one of the free throws to push the score to 40-37. They managed to score from an easy lay up, which brought the score close to 40-39. Then Gibson fouled one of their tall mofos, he erupted uncontrollably and swore at the referee several times. This resulted with a technical foul (unsportsmanlike foul), 3 shots were attempted, luckily only one went in, to make it 40-40.

Now this is the killer. Since a tech foul was declared, it was the Ripper's possession of the ball. Which means they have 10 seconds to score and win the game. Due to pressure, one of their guards (short Asian dude), was too rough and committed a off the ball foul on Pete.

Pete was up to the charity strike (foul line) and swished both shots! What a hero!! ^_^

Now team Rippers had to make it up from one end of the court to the other and score to tie or shoot a three pointer to win.

They gave it to a fat dude on their team and he took a 3 point shot with Pete guarding him. Luckily, his shot wasn't on target and it bounced away, Pete was able to grab the rebound and hold on to the ball till time ran out.

*buzzer sounds*

We WON!!!!

What a helluva night. My throat was sore and my voice was deep from all the yelling. My body was in pain and at the same time was high with adrenaline from the excitement.

Boys, good luck next week. I'll call to see how we went, and Lam, make sure to record it!! I want copies of our Playoffs series!

I said goodbye to my teammates, thank them for the good times. Walk towards one of the side doors, pause and turn. Below is the last image I saw, and it is the last image I will remember of my last day at the basketball hall.


Good times.

Mood: Happy, relieved, sad for Bao. :(
Song of the moment: AFI - Love Like Winter

Monday, March 12, 2007

Work Travel + B'day Bowls + Fashion + Bball

I'm Pogi, I go whooooosh

Wow, it's been a while but I'll be off to Singapore from the 23rd March to the 1st of April. It's a work related travel, similar to what I had last year. But this time I'm there to train my peoples (our staff) and to help close down our SG office. Damn. But all is not lost as we hope to open a Japan office soon, hopefully in Shibuya, near all the shops. :) Then I'll be one of the peeps deploying that office there, how kewl.

Due to a convention my usual hotel Pan Pacific or the Conrad are unavailable, I'm stuck in the Marina Mandarin. So if anyone is from SG, please say hello. ^_^

I believe the fortune above rings true, I plan to do heaps of shopping there, and totally buy a new wardrobe....or two. ;p


Wish me luck.



Claudia's B'day Bowls

We were celebrating Claudia's b'day at one of her favourite hobbies, ten pin bowling!

I dreaded this night because not only haven't I gone bowling for like 10 years, I'm up against Neil who is uber pro bowler. He is a pro because a. he has his own special bowling shoes, b. he has a hand brace, c. he has his own bowling ball, and d. he has competed in tournaments before.

The only bowling I've ever done is with friends and for sport back at St. Gregory's College.

However, I didn't do too bad for my first game back, I clocked 108, then in the 2nd game 98. :/ And the third, 136! :)

I didn't beat Neil though. He wouldn't even let me beat him.


Anyways, here are the funkii girls in their trendy straight/skinnies showing off their bowling shoes.

I forget which legs are which, one of them is Karla's, Maria's and Andrea's.

Here is Drea in pointing to the fabness in her jeans and shoes combo.

And some plush toys we won from those The Claw vending machines in the arcade games section of the bowling alley.

It was a fun night. Great to see old friends and also a shout out to Omar/Krist. You'll be fine man, get through this with your close friends, we all love you man.



Friday outfit. I felt very non-collar today so I hit it up with this one.

Top: 2 x singlets from Phils and U.S., Dickies tee from U.S., Abercrombie hoodie from U.S., regular jewellery.
Bottom: Samuel & Keith blue belt from SG, Levis jeans from U.S. and Sky blue Chucks from Phils (out of picture).



Due to my condition described above, last night was my last, yes, last, *weep*, basketball game for a long long time. I have taken the advice of my doctor's and my parents to discontinue playing active sport until my body has fully recovered, and after I have knee surgery for my torn ACL.

But last night was excruciating, as my arthritis kicked in, even with my pain killers. I had trouble sprinting across the court, and even had trouble controlling my motor skills.

Good news though is that we won, 48-34. It was a stressful game though against Battered Savs. I was in Raja Bell (Phoenix Suns, star defense player) mode, and played D all night. I finished with 3 points, 1/2 FG, 1/2 FT, 8 boards, 3 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks.

To spice things up last night, I had a run-in with one of the sly bastards on the opposing team.

So the situation goes, I grab a rebound and had my back turned to him, he tries to steal the ball from my hands but instead connects with my jaw. I turn around and give him the biggest evil, crooked eye and tell him: To watch himself. Then he tells me: Whatcha gonna do about it? (T.I. song, hehe, well sorta). Then I point to the scoreboard and say: "See that, we're gonna win in double figures."

At our next possession, I posted down low against sly bastard, bumped him a bit and did a fade away shot over him and their tall centre dude (Kobe Bryant/Sendoh - Slam Dunk!). I banked it off the backboard and it when in to the dismay of sly bastard. I then pointed at him (not the finger! but a finger).

The crowd went wild!! heheehe

Let's win this division guys, finally.

Below is a sad pic, because it is my last game with these guys. I'm in the middle, looking kinda pumped up because of the adrenalin and testosterone, plus the pain killers I was on.

Thanks guys for a wonderful 5 seasons, there's a few missing in the photo but only because they have since passed on to other things, although I couldn't have picked a better group to be with.

Go Titans!

Excuse my red face, I was exhausted after playing for almost the whole game, plus feeling a bit high from the pain killers I took. [-_-]

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday Coma + I broke it = Craptastic :/

OK, well it wasn't really a coma, but I was knocked out for about 18 hrs.

Saturday started off like any order normal day but instead I was working my second job (yes I'm greedy) which starts at 8am and ends at midday. Only 4 hrs! ^_^ But good monies. Shitty that it being on a Saturday morning. :/ At least it only happens once a month.

Anyways, that day was a beach day in Wollongong with Grache, Joni and Camielle, but since I'm coming from Alexandria, it'll take me about around 1hr 20mins to get there and they would only stay till 3pm (since someone works at 4pm).
I had to bail out.

Pogi misses out on beach day. *grumble grumle*

Later that day I did some shopping, trying to put my mind off missing out on the beach. Did I mention I love the beach because it's an excuse where I can mimic the Baywatch dudes, I love body surfing, and hanging out at the beach with friends is fun fun fun.

I picked this up from a local sports store, to replace the one that someone "stole" from the beach (Thirroul).

Sexy ain't it?

I couldn't find the Nike equivalent that I lost but this will do, plus this is the official ball they use in actual NCAA games.

Gosh I hate losing things....

My lost baby.

Am I too Americanised? :o



Like I said, it wasn't really a coma, but after shopping I took my new pain meds (muscle specific) and took a nap so I could be rested for Miguel's 24th b'day (old kient!) tonight.

Miguel's the one in the far left reading the Islam book (you gimp!)


Happy Birthday

Suddenly I wake up at 2am, Sunday morning. [-_-]

I slept from Saturday arvo (around 3pm) till 2am the next day. What'd I do? Sent out sorry txt messages, had an extremely late dinner and proceeded to watch Family Guy dvds for the next 2 hrs.

What a waste of a day. At least I got a new football.


It's broken *cries*

I have this problem. I occasionally tend to break things very soon after I've gotten them.

Now you remember my Moo Mixer?
Look at the cap.....[-_-]

The story goes like this, at the end of each day I pop the Moo Mixer in the dishwasher at work, I did this all last week, but somehow the cap dropped through the barriers in the dishwasher and I found it resting on the element at the bottom.

I pulled it out and noticed it melted the cap, as you can see from the picture above.

The cap sits and closes on top of my Moo Mixer fine, it can also handle mixing fine, so no spillage, but when I take a swig of the milk, it spills over the edge like someone who has poor hand coordination.

Now that means to drink properly without spillage I have to mix first, take the cap off and then drink.


It doesn't feel natural. :(

I have to carry the cap around.


Well that's my rant for now.........



*waves* Hi to the cute girl who got off at Nth Syd station with me (black military but conservative dress), nice legs, nice butt, but why must you wave your bottom at me when going up the stairs? I couldn't concentrate! ^_*

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Milk & me + Silly us + Gentlemanly + TV

Sorry I've neglected this but work has been keeping me busy. :/

Anyways a gift from my dear friend Grache (real name Grace, but with a silly accent, it's pronounced Gra-che!) and her bf Joni: my Moo Mixer.

What is a Moo mixer you say?

Picture this, you are thirsty, you prepped yourself a glass of milk, hmmm this needs chocolate, you stir in a couple of tablespoons of Milo (chocolate flavoured powder), you drink, yum, the TV distracts you, 5 mins pass, you look down to your glass, oh noes! the Milo is floating on the top, it hasn't dissolved, what am I to do? Get up from my comfortable position and use a spoon to stir my drink again? But that means double the dishwashing!.....
......I will have none of that, for my drink is in a Moo mixer. One push of the button and it mixes my flavoured drink to maintain chocolate consistency. Pogi is happy and lounges away.

My Moo mixer hard at work, at work. XD

People at work love it! But at the same time think I'm silly (in a good way) for reaching a new level of laziness.

Also, the looks on my work colleague's faces when I walk in a meeting, hanging on to this in my hand = Priceless. :)

Suddenly the calcium level in my body has increased. :p


Silliness = <>

What do you get when you have 4 friends at a bookstore (Borders) with nothing to do but wait for a movie session (Greater Union)? You have poo heads posing with books. :)

Waiting for friends (Elgin and Thao) to watch Rocky Balboa last week, we had time, we saw books, we pretended to read, we conquered books. ^_^

Joni and I reading important literature (his title: Tantric Orgasm Women, me: The Passionate Shopper)

Silly us fake-reading books.

Grache holding a book with her name on it. :) Becos she wrote it, YEAH RIGHT!!

Luckily we left that place, before we get kicked out for loitering. [-_-]


Mr Suave?

Neanderthals, take this test, to see if you fit "the profile".

My (honest) result......

Your Social Rank is...

True Gentleman. Congratulations.
From terrific taste to immaculate manners, you have the refinement worthy of a man of substance. And hence you know enough not to brag about this.

Never fear, Pogi is here. >_<>



Last week before we watched Rocky Balboa, we hurried and took refuge at Max Brenners. Choctastic did you say? Yes, yes indeed. :)

I wasn't hankering for some chocolate, even though it was from Max Brenners, I just had a chocolate and peanut shake that tasted like liquid Reeses Pieces.

We all wet our pants, twice! And then a third time when we had fondue.

And the aftermath..........


TV (Spoilers)

24: OMG OMG OMG, did 'they' kill the U.S. President? Even though he ain't no David Palmer, he is still a Palmer!! And Charles Logan, ggggrrrrrr, what's his part in this? Even though it was so trippy that he was brought into the storyline. This week's ep, just WOW.

The O.C.: It's over. :( Last week's ep was the finale. The ending....was good, subtle, not over the top, not hyped up, it was just enough. The Cohen's moved to Berkeley, Summer and Seth get married, happily ever after.....*weep*...time to watch season one again with evil Oliver. :) mwhahahahaa

Family Guy: Stewie got a tan. Mutha f*rking hilarious ep.

Heroes: Holy crap, shit hit the fan!! This ep kept me on the edge of my seat, Peter Petrelli is maniac now, and we learn more about the "company". I wept when Mr Bennett said goodbye to Claire. :*(


Japanese Surgery!!

Continuing from last week's shocker topic, here is Mari Yaguchi, from ordinary Japanese girl, to hit Jpop singer, and superstar on popular show Morning Musume.

Believe that!?

Conversation later that night....

Grache: if i had surgery id change my....
Me: ovaries?
Grache: no!
Me: aawwwww :(