Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fashion show - day 9

Pogi's street couture, ready-to-wear range is rounding up the second last day of the fashion show.

His notes to this line, '...I'd like to bring back simplicity. People every day stress over what to wear. But this line delivers ease of choice and matching each clothing item for the modern man...'

Top: Topman blazer, Dickies singlet plain, Dickies singlet lined, Crucifix by Revoltage
Bottom: Revolness denim, Umbro white canvas shoes (to be worn)

My attempt to looking like a conservative Jpop/Jrock star. All though not pictured, I added a few badges on the lapel to finish the look.

Oh crap, you can see my toes

I love this crucifix necklace


Top: Topman hoodie, Dickies tee (not pictured)
Bottom: Revoltage denim, S&K belt, Vans (to be worn)


Who likes puppies?! I do!!

I was at a luncheon party yesterday for my parents. It was one of those Filipino meets, where the adults dine in for lunch at a host's home, whilst chit chatting with the latest gossip, and eating loads and loads of good food.

At this particular luncheon, my father's old boss in his government job back in the Philippines was in town and they organised an occasion with other previous work people. Funny story is that

The event begins with the adults talking and laughing with each other whilst eating Filipino food, then you have the poor sods such as myself and the adult's kids, sitting aimlessly, eating food, watching TV or finding anything to do to kill time.

Why do the kids of the adults attend these tedious functions?
For the food.

2 hrs later, after I couldn't stand hearing any more ridiculously lame Filipino jokes, I headed home.

But before I left, I was introduced to a new litter of puppies that the host of the party's family dog had.

Pup molesting my Vans

The momma wasn't too pleased I was playing with the pups.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fashion show - day 8

There is a "Men's week" sale at Myer, starting from the 23rd till the 29th of this month. It being ANZAC day (Lest We Forget) on Wednesday, plus Pogi being seriously lazy, I only managed to make it to the sale last night.
And what a waste of time that was.
I was looking for a wallet, and thought it was a great opportunity to make the buy last nite, plus I had $400 worth of Myer gift cards to splurge with.
Unfortunately, their range was limited to Oroton, JAG and Country Road.

Now no offense to these labels, but I wanted something along the lines of Prada or Givenchy to replace my aging Louis Vuitton wallet.

How disappointing, Pogi went home empty handed.

And knowing me, I am not a happy camper when I go shopping and return with nothing.



Fashion show

Top: Charcoal coat, G2000 shirt, Ray Ban sunnies
Bottom: G2000 blu belt, Topman slacks, Burlington Sox


Top: RL Polo, Le Tigre sports jacket (sports jacket sounds so old man speak)
Bottom: Dickies belt, Topman jeans, Vans shoes

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fashion show - day 7 evening set

And then.....

The office couture evening fashion show begins

Well not really, this was my outfit today.........

Top: Flair chocolate coat, G2000 shirt, Topman tie
Bottom: Dickies belt, Topman slacks, Burlington sox


Random Singapore finds

Shopping from Orchard Rd, at the Heeren and Far East Plaza.

Sorry but I had to giggle at the name of this store...hehehe..

Fake Rock & Republic jeans


Scary elevator

OK the story behind this one, is that I was visiting a friend at her place and I noticed their elevators look very much like the ones in the Ju-On/The Grudge movie.

It seems that elevators in Singapore like in Japan have these window panels on their elevators as a safety precaution, for example, they can see if there is a fire on the other floors. That was the explanation I was given.

I don't like them though, because they remind me of the scary part in the movie. You wouldn't catch me in one of these alone on a dark and spooky night.


The MRT (Subway in SG)

Here are two pix of the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Singapore. As you can see it looks very different to the Australian train system but is very similar to the Japanese trains.

Plus they also have the safety barriers for each station to prevent people falling on to the train. How practical!

The commuters look so depressed though. I tried to cheer them up by smiling but they just looked at me weird.



Our office

Here is where I was working at our office in Singapore. I was situated in the country manager's office. The view is sexy.


I can't believe how crazy the rent is for this office space.

Fashion show - day 7


Top: Zara suit, G2000 shirt, scarf (gift)
Bottom: Hickok belt, Burlington sox, sans shoes

Twas a cold day in Sydney. Even colder today. :o


Slim suits of sexiness + pick ups from Singapore (Topman)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fashion show - day 6

And as we continue the Singapore fashion show...

..more of Pogi's office couture collection is as follows, but surprisingly the venue was changed to a odd..

Top: Zara suit, G2000 shirt, Fox knit
Bottom: G2000 blu belt, Burlington sox

Death Note!!

The second line of Pogi's collection includes a casual urban theme (casual Friday at work!)....

Top: Options jacket, Ralph Lauren Polo
Bottom: Samuel & Kevin belt, Revoltage jeans, Vans shoes

Casual dress Light (Death Note)?


Singapore trip (cont.)

Now to keep myself busy during those late morning wakes and late evening where I'm too tired to go out. There was TV!!

Every morning I was able to watch NBA and EPL games, other channels included 24hr Chinese and Japanese talk shows/drama shows and of course cartoons.

Tom & Jerry!!



Now these K Box karaoke places are a plenty in SG. They have far greater facilities than the ones in Sydney and are cleaner too! A wider assortment of songs are also available, but are no use of me because I can't read or speak or sing Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese/Taiwan/Korean.

I'm a useless Asian boy.


Just call me a twinkie.


Harajuku store in Marina square


Oh noes! What has BAPE started....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fashion show - day 5

As we continue with designer Pogi's office couture collection.....we have....

From yesterday..

Top: G2000, Giordano knit
Bottom: Dickies belt, Zara trousers, Stacey Adams shoes (not pictured)

and today

Top: G2000 shirt, Giordano knit
Bottom: G2000 blu belt, Zara trousers, Florsheim shoes (not pictured)


Shopping haul from Swingapore....


Singapore sling trip...

My hotel slippers (2 sizes too small!)

View from the 19th floor down to reception

Notice the two bars on the left and right, grand ballroom in the middle, and the lounge singer/mini orchestra in the bottom right.

In the mornings, the hotel brings in birds that tweet softly, perfect for a morning wake up. And then in the evenings, usually there is a female lounge singer happily popping out some tunes, or a mini orchestra playing beautiful classical music. The ambience it created reminded me very much of Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.


Titans won!

I failed to mention in my previous posts since I was in Singapore, that our basketball team, the Titans, won our division!

We are the champions!

When I found out, I was in my hotel room in SG. I gave my basketball teammate Dennis a call, and asked him what was the score, he said we were up 8 points by half time.

Me, like Sakuragi, listening closely..

I called him back 20 mins later and he happily tells me that we won by about 16 points. Hurrah!!

At this moment I turn around and....


By jumping up and down, spinning around and punching fists into the air.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Fashion show - day 4

And we resume the fashion show...

It was Summer in Singapore but unfortunately, Winter was just starting here in Sydney. But this does not deter Pogi in releasing a range of pastel coloured sweaters!

And thank god I finally have the motivation to unearth these clothes from the clothes box. They were still sitting in there since 2 weeks ago when I arrived back in Sydney.

Pogi is the definition of laziness.

Pretty aye? I got them all from various stores in Singapore. You see, Pogi has an obsession with colours, atm I have about 30 polos, all in different colours, and I planned to build up a sweater collection as well, but in even a wider range of colours.

Old pic of my rainbow polo collection



Warning: all the pictures on Pogi's blog have not been photoshopped or doctored. You see Pogi in all his blemished and imperfection glory.

Top: RayBan sunnies, G2000 shirt, Fox longsleeve
Bottom: Dickies belt, Topman trousers, Florsheim shoes (not pictured)


And one more luvo pic after work....hehehe