Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coats! Coats! My kingdom for a coat!

For a while now, I've been having a coat obsession. Whether it be beltless, 3/4, trench coat or peacoat, I always have my eyes peeled for some pretty coats.

Every morning I see girls wearing coats in a variety of colours, ranging from black, white, pink, red, green and blue. But us boys are limited to certain colours due to our masculinity. So we're stuck with black, gray, charcoal, light gray, brown, chocolate, dk brown, light brown, and navy.

So girls, take advantage of what you have at your disposal. Just maybe, one day I'll have the guts to wear a white 3/4 coat. But hell, its hard enough finding any coats in those colours here in Sydney. :/ I have to go on a shopping trip soon, maybe Seoul or Tokyo?

And thus comes a purchase...

I ordered that last week and totally fell in love with the design and fit. I MUST HAVE IT. So after I picked up my mother from the local train station after work, [convince mode ON] I start rambling on and on about this trench coat I wanna buy online and I blab on about how pretty it is and how good it is, and how it will accentuate, yes! I used accentuate, my Asian physique.

15 mins later...she has a look at the pictures and finally agrees..Woohoo!!...Now I won't get in trouble when she see's a charge on my credit card. Only problem is, she wants to borrow, gaahhhh evil!!

But I'm nice so I'll let her borrow it, when I'm NOT planning to wear it. XD


One week later, guess what came in the mail...

Smexxy trench coat...

Ok it may not look as good on me as on that model but I blame the poor lighting and my fat belly...oh and me of course...^_^

Another coat that I MUST have...

Dior Homme S/S 07

Burberry double breasted trench coat


Bottega Veneta S/S 08


Hair cut

I took the plunge and got it snipped last Friday.

Did I get butchered again?

Now after playing with it for a bit, I think it looks better and more fob styled here. ^_*

What do you think?

Fobtastic? XD


Random pic

Miso and Tarou molesting a poor lion in Chinatown...

Naughty girls...tsk tsk tsk