Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Work + Fashion + Cheesecake + My Sexy Byatches


For those who know Pogi, he is:

a. not built for physical labour (translation: lazy kient),
b. is not used to waking up prior to 11am, especially on weekdays (translation: Yogi bear), and
c. takes forever to get ready hence always late (translation: minty).

And Pogi + Job is a combination that goes against all science and logic. Who would have thought that
I, the definition of laziness (who strives to find a new level of laziness every day), has settled into a real job?

Bit unbelievable isn't it?

But it's a reality. One that I still cannot believe, one that family and friends cannot believe.

I have however
adapted to working, before it took me 1hr and 15 mins to get ready: 10 min shower, 15 min nap, 5 mins face stuffs, 5 mins choosing what to wear, 1 min putting it on, 5 mins deciding whether it suits, 1 min taking it off, 5 mins choosing what else to wear, 1 min putting new outfit on, 2 mins preparing and drinking a glass of milk, 1 min brushing my teeth, 5 mins packing my gear and the rest for my hair (usually around 20 mins).

Now I can get ready in 45mins! Superb!!

Work today was a byatch. The last 3 days were busy, I actually felt like a grown up. I didn't even have time to take a nap at my desk or surf the net. How cruel.

Today alone, I had 3 meetings this morning, three! Is Pogi really that in demand? d|0_o|b

But it all worked out good, peeps at work gave me props for my hard work.



Today's work outfit:

Hot day! 27 degrees plus possible showers (and it did in the arvo).

Top: RL blue themed shirt from U.S., standard 2 wifebeaters (under) from U.S.
Bottom: Esprit plain black slacks from DJs, Dickies black
Accessories: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male




This cheesecake deserves a mention, especially with it's own part in this blog post.

I love you Johana for making this cake.

This folks, is a homemade Mars Bar cheesecake that work colleague Johana made for the office (really for me - cos she knows I have a sweet tooth). She also mentioned her hubby is eating healthy and abstains from sweets. Poor him, he doesn't know what he's missing out on. But advantage Pogi! More cake for me!! :)

Delicious, no?

I had a cakegasm when I saw it. 0_O Then another when I took my first bite.


My Sexy Byatches

Quick shout out to my sexy hunnies Maria (on the left) and Lucia (on the right). This was taken in Parramatta after Karla's b'day dinner. Don't we look hawt? OK maybe not me but the girls!!

Maria I've known since 2nd year Uni, and she is an absolute gem, a beautiful girl and an amazing friend, I have so much in common with you, you are my adopted sister (big sister - hehehe).

Lucia I met through Maria and you too have a beautiful soul, so wise with your words and never afraid to speak your mind.

I'm wearing a Yogi mask because I blinked in the photo (sensitive eyes). ^_^

Notice how these girls are wearing heels? CHEATERS!! You'll never be as tall as me! Mwhahahahahha. *slap*


Mood: feeling sick/nauseous, from meds.

Song of the moment: Dido - White Flag


June said...

Hello mister pogi

Hope ur feeling better =) . .you realli do dress nice


PogiChinoy said...

Aaww how sweet...thanks bub! ;)

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