Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas toons + hair + Hyori Lee

One thing I forgot to mention about loving Christmas....is Christmas cartoons! I just totally love watching them at this time of year.

Does anyone remember Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy save Christmas, or the Scooby Doo and the Nutcracker? It's sooo sooo good. This is what I love about the Christmas holidays. Tis a shame I can't veg out on the couch and watch endless hours of xmas toons with my friends. :/ I'll make it up to you guys. ;)

Now I owe this pic to you. Sorry it took so long but I was in a rush to pack for my trip as well as waiting for my hair to grow back. hehe. It only took 2-3 weeks?

Excuse the quality, it's my camera phone, and the smiley face is to hide my tired face from the previous nite.


I had to mention her. Her name is Hyori Lee, she is a Korean pop star and model. This girl has the most cutest and sexay eyes. And what a smile?! *melts*

If you want to know more about here, you can find a fan blog here: http://leehyori.blogspot.com/

Song of the moment: PlayRadioPlay! - Compliment Eachother Like Colors

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pogi's Christmas Special....^_^

*jumps on bed*

Christmas is just right around the corner! Could you believe it? I sure as hell can't because this year has gone by so quickly!

It's been a montage of happiness, heart aches, surprises, success, love, amazement, hunger, excitement, and uncertainty.

Being a corporate zombie, a date such as one this month is not noticed for its celebration but rather to get work done before that date. It's amazing, because it's only hitting me now, 2 days before the momentous occasion.

What does everyone have planned?

Mine will be spent overseas for the first time in a long time, as well as being away from family :/ *weep* Even though I'm staying with friends here in Manila and they are as accommodating like my family back in Sydney. Due to me being the foreigner/guest in their home, they are holding a Christmas/welcome Bert (me) party tonite. This means heaps and heaps of Filo food, cute girls all around, presents and celebrations to be had.

I'm welcoming a change in celebrating a Filipino Christmas instead of a more Westernized Christmas, as the differences are the people, tradition, and the alcohol! In the Phils, beer is weapon of choice, where as red wine is here in Sydney.

Now the only downside is that I can't spend any of this with my family or friends. *poo*

I wish everyone a lovely, safe and fantastic Christmas. May it all be filled with clothes, shoes, food and Wii's.

Never fear....Pogi will make sure to drink responsibily (is that even possible?) and to avoid being taken advantage of any Filipinas no matter how cute or pretty they are. (oh so hard!)



This City is unlike no other.

There is something about its people that always surprises me. They are ALL friendly here!

In my short 3 day stay, people go out of their way to be friendly, from striking up conversations with me, giving me directions when I'm lost, helping me with my bags (I'm not that muscly - XD) and simply walking by smiling and saying hello. From the dozen plus countries I've visited, none are as friendly as Singaporean people.

Not to mention, Singapore girls are sooooooo HAWT! Office gals in their skirt suit or pants suit is such a turn on. I happily sat through an endless conversation about their day as an investor portfolio manager, but was more in tuned to their appearance.

If y'all are ever in Singapore, make sure to check out the clubs, they ROCK! ^_*

And thank God for growth, my hair is longer after a week! Plus it is in the "zone" where it is at its perfect length. I now just need to dye it.

For the fans of Seinfeld, Happy Festivus, for the rest of us....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Asia + B'days + I.T. + GPS + bad haircut = Zombie Pogi

I miss Australia already, as I type away on a lonely desk at our Singapore office. I'm here alone, besides my work colleagues, for 3 days on business. How boring. There is absolutely no tourism spots that interest me (Merlion's and that island here is weird), but luckily there is shopping.

I'm staying at the Conrad but working across the road at Suntec tower 2. Our office here rox! It is in the same building as the shopping!! How kewl is that?

After I finish what I do here, I'm off for a short holiday in the Philippines. I'll be spending Xmas with family friends there (rich byatches!) and then NYE on a plane home. :/ I don't get back to Sydney till early morning on New Years day. Oh woe is me. >_<

I love it whenever it is NOT my b'day. Why? I don't know. I just prefer celebrating someone else's other than my own. Extrovert? BS! XD

Anyways, concerning last weekend. Whoa! Like, sooooo many people had their b'day's on Saturday. I was able to make it to 3 of them though, so alls not lost.

A big happy bertday (<- my name! well sorta, bert!) to my buddies
Neil/Hect0r, Anna and Louisa. Sorry I couldn't stay longer but I was flying out the next day. I'll make sure to get wasted with you when I get back. ;)

And to the others, sorry for missing out but I'll make it to yours next time, Happy B'day neways!

cake gift to you:

Ube cake with macapuno!!!!

I work in I.T., it, like other industries is stressful, but it all comes in short bursts. Since I work for an American company, we work in the form of "quarters", so every quarter-end the office vibe is "
everyone is on edge-hectic-let's get sales-no sleeping".

At the
ITSMF (I.T. service management forum) convention last August, we were treated to lunches, dinners, free gear and free booze. Now that night I took advantage of the fun casino night and free bar tab. I wasn't quite like this poor dude but he pretty much sums up the I.T. crash back in the 90s or how frustrating I.T. can be:

Wasted!!! HAr har har

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a neat toy, and when combined with software, you get, wham bam! car navigation!

Now I've been using
Destinator for about 3-4 years. It's fine, but it has its pros and cons. I've moved on to Tomtom. And golly it is the most sexiest car nav software to date! I currently have James Bond as my voice directions, Yoda was just too odd.

Everyone get a Tomtom! Destinator is poo. It is a breeze to setup and to use, total price would be maybe $500 for hardware costs (PocketPC PDA and Bluetooth GPS receiver). I was excited, like a small child with ice cream, that I drove around for an hr to
test it. XD I was so happy!

Below is a pic of chocolate ice cream, Mars bar cheesecake (<- sexay) and ricotta cheesecake I had with Bern a short while back. Wasn't it tasty? ^_* We gotta eat more cheesecake girl, once I quit being a grown up. HAr har har.


I had a hair cut as well on Saturday morning. I hate my stylist. She can now die. She butchered me, and now I look like everyone else out there with this hair cut. >_<

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pogi *hugs* TV shows

Pogi lubs TV shows, it is a Chinoy, chinese-filipino, tradition (well not really, but I like to think it is) and it involves the art of watching quality TV.

Now for my 5 all time favourite TV shows:

1. Seinfeld
- the show about nothing is really about something special. It has funny observations and quirks that still keep me laughing after 10 years.

Typically, it's a show revolving around the life of 4 characters, Jerry: comedian, Kramer: unemployed next door neighbour, Elaine: ex gf of Jerry, and George: best friend of Jerry. Each episode brings a "challenge" to them all, one of which is determining who is "master of their domain".

My favourite has to be George, because he is just so silly (big salad).

2. Slam Dunk
- now this may be the ultimate anime for basketball fans. It has everything, from comedy, romance, action and sport.

It is about a young troublemaker named Sakuragi who is a freshmen in a Japanese highschool. Here he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and discovers she is interested in one thing: basketball, which he hates because a previous love rejected him for a basketball player.

Sakuragi forces himself onto the school's basketball team, but soon realises he's in for more than he anticipated.

My fav would have to be Sakuragi, because he is just so freakin' hilarious. But I'm told I look like Rukawa, and I play like him, sans dunking.

3. 24
- One name: Jack Bauer. This guy is our generation's MacGuyver. He is just so awesome. Bauer is a CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit - duh - XD) agent who aggressively stops terorrists from hurting the innocent. He is a marvel in what he does. And even has his own Chuck Norris style shrine of jokes. My fav character? JACK BAUER.

4. One Tree Hill
- Basketball + highschool + hot girls + guys = perfect Pogi theme.

Long story short, Lucas (abandoned by his father) loves bball, his little brother (same father different mother) loves it too, Lucas joins the school bball team and the rivalry between the two begin, think Sakuragi and Rukawa in SD, XD. Enter the ladies: Brooke, Peyton, Hailey and Rachel. The boys fall in and out of love amongst the girls and they somehow throw in a story about basketball championships.

It's a great show, with a great storyline and a great cast and it's about basketball. enuff said

Lucas rox cos he has my shooting style. Plus he got to wrestle with Brooke and Peyton.

5. Transformers
- now this is a TV show I grew up with and one that I love to bits.

Sorry no basketball here, but bad guys, Decepticons, lead by Megatron crash land with the good guys, Autobots, on Earth. They battle for countless years as Megatron wants to take over the Universe by drawing every ounce of energy from our planet and using it to destroy the Autobots once and for all in their home planet of Cybertron.

Decepticons = evil, take over the universe, Autobots = good, love for peace. Don't watch the movie if you don't wanna cry.

Highlight below to see why:

R.I.P. Optimus

Theres a helluva lot more shows that I love, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Family Guy, American Dad, etc, and they all will get their mention in future posts.

Watch these shows.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Working weekends + house hunting = Tired Pogi craving for Natalie Portman

Greed. For my entire Christian life I've been taught that greed is a sin. Only the meek shall inherit the earth. Being my innocent and uncorrupted self, I vowed to never commit this sin. I never cared about money at that age, my parents didn't stress how important money was, I lived a sheltered life and did not start real work till from Uni. I bought things without care of the cost of the item, nor about where the money came from.

But things have changed, I've become more attuned to the importance of money, well money does make the world go round right? Or was that chocolate?

Anyways, I've started to value the role money plays, so here I am, working two jobs, one full time, one casual full time (once a month on weekends) and I am working for money, but not just for me, but for my future family. When (I'm optimistic) I start one, I'd like them to have financial security, spoil them on their birthdays or anniversaries, buy them bubble tea when they want it, etc. Now is that a bad thing? Being greedy for money so you can provide for your family in the future?

When I started my real job, it was a big change, being awake longer hours than my Uni lifestyle was a big change. To put it simply, it made me more hungry! I ate every cuisine in North Sydney, sometimes even two meals for lunch, with my greatest feat, 1 x Oportos big meal and 1 x foot long sub from Subway. Fast forward 6 months later, I haven't put on weight at all (poo) and I've cut down my daily lunch expenditure to $10 (including a Super Slurpee). I'm so proud, haha, now I have extra monies to save for my family.


Finding a house is hard. Finding one with your parents present is even harder because 1. I had to find all the new house locations on realestate.com.au and 2. I had to drive like a granny (no offence to grannys!) because my parents are in the car. i.e. I can't be closer than 4 car lengths to the car in front of me and I can only travel up to 10km below the speed limit. It was a long day. But thank God for day dreaming and GPS. That got me through the day.

I'm getting desperate though. Can you help me please? Anyone selling a property (land or house and land package) in the North shore of Sydney? One that is within 15km of the City, if it is land (at least 700sqm in size) and if it is a house, at least 4 bedrooms, and built within the last 5 years.

So after 6 hrs of driving, I was finally home and was soooooooo exhausted, similar to playing a basketball championship game or playing a tennis tournament.

At this point, I slumped to my bed, I wasn't even bothered to change out of my clothes, and I slept the night away. Uhuh, what a waste of a Saturday night.

But it wasn't a total loss because in my dreams, I somehow dreamt of Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta, Anywhere But Here - I'm not mentioning her subpar performance in the Star Wars trilogy), I can't exactly remember what happened in that dream but it was a positive one. So no scary monsters or falling from buildings.

And here is a remind for those who do not know who Natalie Portman is.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow! Just wow. ^_* So hawt, elegant, goddess-like, angelic, eerrr all the good stuff. RAWR!

Page taken from my VOX page.


And more about me.........................

Name: Albert
Nickname: Pogi
Date of Birth: 30 May 1984
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Email: pogichinoy@gmail.com
Height: 186cm/6'1
Weight: 68kg
Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Filipino Chinese
Languages: English, Tagalog (Filipino), and a little bit of Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish and French.
High School: St. Gregory's College (Class of 2001)
University: University of Western Sydney (Class of 2005)
Loves: Eating, food, travelling, fashionable clothes, shoes, basketball, tennis, soccer/football/futbol, slurpees, donuts, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Wagyu beef, Wally's burgers, Transformers, Seinfeld, archaeology, astronomy, painting, sketch drawing, clubbing, driving, Crunchy Nut cluster, full cream milk, drive-in movies, Snap Crackle bars, the beach, surfing, TV, and ofcourse my music.
Personality: Meticulous, optimistic, hungry, enthusiastic, sleepy, pro-active, stubborn, congenial, childish, organised and independent.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Cappacino

My Super Slurpee everyday
My Super Slurpee everyday

Post taken from my VOX page.

TGIF + a new beginning = Japan?

Thank God it's Friday.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Albert. And the purpose of this blog is to document any Seinfeldness in the world, fashionable clothing, food, sports, social events and whatever is on my mind at the time. ;)

For more info on me, feel free to click on my profile. I'll reveal more about myself in future posts

Now for those who know me, I'm very fascinated with Asian cultures, in particular Japan (Anime and Manga is to blame), now for someone who hasn't been to Japan and can only dream, the best Pogi can do is view anything on TV or online. I yanked this pic from a Japanese Style website.

Notice the ground and how it's so pretty? Kidding! Wow to her jacket and how she pulled off the whole look. Comments?

Pics of me will be posted shortly, just gotta find the photogenic ones. ;)

Post taken from my Vox page.