Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I want.......XD

First and foremost, I can't get over this suit. It just looks so perfect and well suited (slap me for the pun) to my physique and my style.


But unfortunately, I can't, for the item is located in Japan, although I can purchase it online, I'm very fussy about the fit, it must be perfect. I'm very afraid of choosing the wrong size, or worst-case scenario, the fit is just not right.

Just look at it, the slim style which results in a snug fit, the jacket length is also shorter, and the lapel is slimmer which results in a more compact look. It still appears to be elegant, but strikingly fashionable at the same time, and best to be coupled with a narrow tie to add to the slim theme.

Plus it suits both my role at work (perfect for my meetings in the boardroom) and stylish enough for use at a drink lounge in the City after work. 2 uses in one day? Can anyone say perfikt? :)

C'mon seriously, you can totally see me wearing this.

Dang, I want it so bad. I need to fly to Japan now! I'm planning to go to Tokyo this year with bestie Grace and her bf Joni, but we'll see how we go between work and study.

I could also pray that work will finally open an office in Tokyo which has been in the works for quite some time, even before I started. Then I can go visit there. ^_^

Speaking of Japan, I was shopping the other day at Market City and some dude who works at one of the clothing stores said I look like a famous Japanese actor, then proceeded to ask if I was Japanese, only problem is, it didn't get me a discount on the stuff I bought.

Har har har. >_<



Clothing brands come with their own odd accessories, and one that I've recently come across is well known Japanese label BAPE (A Bathing Ape).

Check out this BAPE inspired toilet paper.....

I can see Pharrell bringing this along at a Hollywood party showcasing it.



I finally got around to tasting these chocolate biscuits. They are ridiculously delicious. Reminds me of the chocolates I ate from the Philippines or the U.S.

The chocolate is different, much better than the ones we have here. I think the chocolate here has preservatives or something? :/

But I always enjoyed imported chocolates more than the local variety.

Definitely add them to your chocolate list, McVitie's Penguins, from Sugarfix at Sydney Central Plaza, or from an Irish grocery store in Bondi.

Mood: sick (fever) and in pain (retarded knee).
Song of the moment: Razor Light - Dior Homme

A collection of Dior Homme songs, that were used at their fashion shows can be downloaded here. Enjoy!


Catherine said...

I like the suit better when it's open and I probably could imagine you in it coz the 2nd set of shots could be you with the hair and not to mention the pose =P

But I kinda agree on the Japanese actor thing. I think it's the hair and tall, skinniness... Like a bishie! KUYA POGICHINOY THE BISHIE BOY! ^_^ SQUEEEEE!!!!

PogiChinoy said...

I'm bishie? I kill you!!


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