Saturday, July 14, 2007

Work hard, work smart

Oops, sorry for the lack of blog posts but I've been ridiculously busy.

Being an adult grown up is difficult. Especially if you've been promoted, that's right babyyyyy! Pogi got promoted again....well it was officially set in April but I have work travel this week and next. I is now a Technical Analyst. In the I.T. system cycle I'm one of those people who has to communicate with a client, understand what they require and turn it into business processes. Bored yet?

And with that comes meeting the department heads and training, so I am here in Colorado Springs, CO, the United States of America.

This is not my first time in the U.S. but it is my first time in Colorado Springs.

You see the buildings there in the middle of the picture, that's the office. Just kidding! We're actually situated on the front range, of the Rockies. Very nice location but as per usual, like LA, the city is stretched out, so everything is everywhere, and rarely in one easy place. The funny thing though, is that everyone, and I mean everyone drives everywhere. There is no walking whatsoever. Besides walking to your car...hehehe

An odd thing about this city is that the elevation is at about 6,000 ft above sea level. Meaning the air is thinner here, which leads you to being more dehydrated and you've got less endurance for any exercise.

I speak the truth. On my first night here I woke up in the middle of the night and was dying for a drink. Luckily I had Pibb in the hotel fridge.


I hate flying.

Why? Because my 1.25pm flight last Friday was delayed 3 times and finally took off at about 6pm. We did receive compensation, however, I already ate lunch when Qantas (hate) awarded us with a lunch voucher. I wasn't hungry or thirsty at all so I spent the money on 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. ^_^

If only I flew Singapore Airlines. :/

Pogi being the definition of silly, did not have the stomach to eat any of them, and carried them on the plane from Sydney (SYD) to Los Angeles (LAX). [-_-]

Stupid aren't I?

Wearing a leg brace, carrying a laptop bag and a luggage bag, plus 2 boxes of Krispy Kremes. Stupid indeed.

Flight on Qantas wasn't too bad, but a class of highschool of American students were also on my flight. Now after watching Final Destination many times, I'm a bit freaked out and couldn't stop thinking about that movie. For the people who have seen the movie, I even checked if my tray table knob broke off. :/ Scaredy cat.

Thanks to my sister, she booked me a seat where my right (injured) leg is next to the aisle. It made my flight experience more comfortable, but not too get too comfortable incase a flight attendant with a trolley knocks my knee....which almost happened! Irresponsible old lady. hmmmmf!!

16 hrs later, I arrived at LAX in the afternoon, and since I originally missed my connection flight around midday that day, I had to wait an extra 5 hrs for the evening flight to COS.

I flew United Airlines from LAX to COS. Funny thing is, I beeped like crazy when I walked through the metal detector on my way to my domestic flight. Could it be the bolts in my knee, my belt, my shoes or my jeans (has metal studs on them)?

I was pulled into a special search section of the security group, forced to take off my belt and my shoes, luckily, not my pants. :) Then the searcher guy used a sweeper across my body several times, front and back, ,and get this, he took a swab of my hands and of my leg brace, then ran them on his illegal substance finding machine. He questioned all my gear, and was kinda scary cos he spoke softly and calmly, just like on the TV show Airline USA. At this moment, I was wondering if I was being filmed, and will appear on that show:

"In LAX, this young, Australian of Asian descent is acting suspiciously and is causing alarm on our metal detectors...."

After a 1.5 hr flight, I finally made it to COS on (their) Tuesday morning at 12.15am. *yawn* I feel so sorry for my driver, Dan, who had to wait there at the atrocious early hours of the day. But the cool thing though, is that he was holding up a sign with my name on it!

Albert Igonia

I was like, this is sooooo cool! It's just like in the movies, and it's happening to me! hehehe. So I casually walked up to him, like this situation was normal and said, "Hi, I'm Albert, how you goin'?". I wonder if I fooled him? hmmmmmz

Only sucky thing was he folded the sign and threw it away in the trash can. *cries* Missed out on snapping a picture.

And now life in a hotel begins, yay for staying at the Hilton in downtown COS. This means Pogi won't make his bed, clean up after himself and does not do laundry at all! Woohoo!!

Airplanes waiting for me to take off

LA looks so tiny

What is my plan here in COS?

To work? Maybe.
To kiss all the boss' ass? Of course.
To eat? Hells yeah!!
To shop? Definitely!



Here is a snap of my knee, post surgery. It has been about a month since that painful day in the hospital.

Will I get scars? EEWWWW

You see? I stayed at a hospital in Chinatown. har har har


Food porn

Details: Maple flavoured waffles, with banana and maple syrup
Notes: Delectable! Because it was made by me!! Hei hei hei ^_*


Annoying Office moments #32

Conversations in the restrooms - Ok, here I am, need to go to the restrooms to pee. A work colleague catches up with me and starts speaking to me as I approach the restroom, then continues to chat to me whilst I walk in, then continues to blab away whilst I'm relieving myself and finally, and even when I'm washing my hands!

The heck?!?!

Where's the privacy?

How awkward. I was silent the whole time.


Fanx to my boo, Helena, for featuring me as her favourite on her blog.

More details of my experience here in COS, the food I ate and the clothes I bought in my next post. ^_^


Meanwhile, I'm watching A Model Life with Petra Nemcova, which is a copy of America's Next Top Model, but instead is hosted by beauty Petra Nemcova, only difference is, Australia's Next Top Model is more entertaining. Why? Because of the bitchiness. So hilarious when they fight. hehehe

A model on the show was told to lose weight.....OUCH!! Poor girl!

Petra = Gorgeous



Top: Zara suit, G2000 shirt, Tag Heuer timepiece
Bottom: Dickies belt, leg brace, crutches