Monday, February 05, 2007

Fashion + Butchered + Korean BBQ + Bball

Haven't posted in a while so I sure hope this makes up for it.



Last Thursday

Top: White Van Heusen business shirt from DJs, GAP dk brown wool sweater from London.
Bottom: Dickies leather belt from U.S., Esprit dk brown pinstripe chinos from Sydney.

Later that evening after late night shopping....Pogi in wifebeater goodness!! (I just took my shirt and sweater off from the previous outfit :p).

Top: Dickies white wifebeater (under) from U.S., Puritan ribbed white wifebeater (top) from Phils, wooden feather necklace from Philippines, Silver charm necklace from Jenny.

Bottom: Dickies leather belt from U.S., Esprit dk brown pinstripe chinos from Sydney.


Top: Wallstreet style blue and white shirt (one of my fav shirts) with blue stitching on the collars and cuffs! ^_^ from Sydney, GAP navy cotton sweater from Vancouver.

Bottom: Hickok leather belt from Philippines, Express dress pants from U.S.

I've been doing a lot of the shirt + sweater combo, simply for a change from wearing a suit, plus it's getting far too warm these days (25-30 degrees) to wear a suit.


I got butchered.............

Good thing though is that after 3 days, it's grown a fair bit, so hopefully I'll have my longer hair again. What I like though is the back of my head, which you can't unfortunately see in the pic but it is shorter so it kinda stands up but it is still at similar length as before.

My neck feels a bit nekkid tho. ^_*

Atm it looks very Korean/Taiwanese, and confirmed by Maria from work that I look like one of the F4 guys, >_<. I tried to style them in two different looks, 1st is a conservative look and 2nd is a more outgoing look. What do you think? Jesus, look at my eye brows, :/, I need them to get threaded real soon.


Korean BBQ

Next to Japanese yakiniku, my other fav is Korean BBQ, not only because the meat is delicious, but I like to bbq things.

Cooking at dinner makes it much more fun, but I just have to learn to not be over zealous and accidentally burn myself (it leaves scars!!).

Although I'm not too versed with the actual elements in Korean BBQ, but typically you are given those small bowls with potatoes, kim chi, vegetables, etc. as appetisers.

Then you eat your mains which may or may not involve a hotplate/hotpot or bbq.

Jebus, look at those pieces of meat, it may not be wagyu but dang is it juicy and fattening as well.

The only gripe I have with Korean BBQ is that I'm not the biggest fan of certain chillis/spices. I can handle tabasco but I can't handle kim chi at all. I start going read like a tomato and drink loads of refreshments.

The kewl thing about this type of food is the presentation, much like how the Japanese present their food, in small servings and in their own little cute containers. :)

But I suck at eating it, I think I eat inappropriately by bringing my rice bowl next to my face like how Chinese people eat.

You see, I may be 100% Asian but I can't use chopsticks too well, and I look like a complete goof when I attempt to use them. -___-



Titans won again this week! :) Huzzah!!

Played against Filipino rival team Battered Savs and whooped them 58-20.

I twisted my knee again last night from the most idiotic things, a pass. Well it was a long range pass if that counts.

I was making an inbound pass and noticed Danny (position: Forward) was unmarked around 3 quarter court, so I bullet passed him the ball. To do this, my feet had to be implanted in the ground and I do a 180 degree twist in my torso and launch the ball.

I made the pass successfully and we scored in that possession, but I felt a crack and sharp pains from my right knee (damn you!) when I threw the pass.

And now again, I am limping, people at the train stations must think I'm disabled. [-_-] I'm not!!

I also scored a dismal 2 points from 1/4 attempts, but I made about 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals.


Me being the nice and generous younger brother is going to buy big sister a GHD hair straightener because she mentioned it Sunday morning after using one at her friend's place. She didn't know the brand that her friend has but GHD is well reknowned here for its performance in hair straightening.

And Florsheim has a pair of shoes I scouted last week. Gonna buy em! :)


Mood: happy but in pain.

Song of the moment: Vanila Ice - Ice Ice Baby (don't ask...)


June said...

Happy Monday!! glad to see u've updated *smiles* lol

another interesting read i must say haha and lovin the luvo pics.

chat to u 2nite perhaps

ps. i betcha i kno why that song is your song of the moment. . maybe =P

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