Monday, December 18, 2006

Asia + B'days + I.T. + GPS + bad haircut = Zombie Pogi

I miss Australia already, as I type away on a lonely desk at our Singapore office. I'm here alone, besides my work colleagues, for 3 days on business. How boring. There is absolutely no tourism spots that interest me (Merlion's and that island here is weird), but luckily there is shopping.

I'm staying at the Conrad but working across the road at Suntec tower 2. Our office here rox! It is in the same building as the shopping!! How kewl is that?

After I finish what I do here, I'm off for a short holiday in the Philippines. I'll be spending Xmas with family friends there (rich byatches!) and then NYE on a plane home. :/ I don't get back to Sydney till early morning on New Years day. Oh woe is me. >_<

I love it whenever it is NOT my b'day. Why? I don't know. I just prefer celebrating someone else's other than my own. Extrovert? BS! XD

Anyways, concerning last weekend. Whoa! Like, sooooo many people had their b'day's on Saturday. I was able to make it to 3 of them though, so alls not lost.

A big happy bertday (<- my name! well sorta, bert!) to my buddies
Neil/Hect0r, Anna and Louisa. Sorry I couldn't stay longer but I was flying out the next day. I'll make sure to get wasted with you when I get back. ;)

And to the others, sorry for missing out but I'll make it to yours next time, Happy B'day neways!

cake gift to you:

Ube cake with macapuno!!!!

I work in I.T., it, like other industries is stressful, but it all comes in short bursts. Since I work for an American company, we work in the form of "quarters", so every quarter-end the office vibe is "
everyone is on edge-hectic-let's get sales-no sleeping".

At the
ITSMF (I.T. service management forum) convention last August, we were treated to lunches, dinners, free gear and free booze. Now that night I took advantage of the fun casino night and free bar tab. I wasn't quite like this poor dude but he pretty much sums up the I.T. crash back in the 90s or how frustrating I.T. can be:

Wasted!!! HAr har har

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a neat toy, and when combined with software, you get, wham bam! car navigation!

Now I've been using
Destinator for about 3-4 years. It's fine, but it has its pros and cons. I've moved on to Tomtom. And golly it is the most sexiest car nav software to date! I currently have James Bond as my voice directions, Yoda was just too odd.

Everyone get a Tomtom! Destinator is poo. It is a breeze to setup and to use, total price would be maybe $500 for hardware costs (PocketPC PDA and Bluetooth GPS receiver). I was excited, like a small child with ice cream, that I drove around for an hr to
test it. XD I was so happy!

Below is a pic of chocolate ice cream, Mars bar cheesecake (<- sexay) and ricotta cheesecake I had with Bern a short while back. Wasn't it tasty? ^_* We gotta eat more cheesecake girl, once I quit being a grown up. HAr har har.


I had a hair cut as well on Saturday morning. I hate my stylist. She can now die. She butchered me, and now I look like everyone else out there with this hair cut. >_<


Jakub said...

i ve lived here for 4 years but i still havent found a hairdresser who knows how to do this. they all should die!

jakub (

PogiChinoy said...

jakub: i've found some good stylists in the city and the north shore. my taiwanese lady went back to taiwan :( totally didn't think about her most important client - me!

but if you need any details of any stylists, i can send them to you.

i trust asian hair stylists more as they know how to cut hair.

gay people being "better" hair stylists is BS plus toni & guy is overrated. XD

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