Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Working weekends + house hunting = Tired Pogi craving for Natalie Portman

Greed. For my entire Christian life I've been taught that greed is a sin. Only the meek shall inherit the earth. Being my innocent and uncorrupted self, I vowed to never commit this sin. I never cared about money at that age, my parents didn't stress how important money was, I lived a sheltered life and did not start real work till from Uni. I bought things without care of the cost of the item, nor about where the money came from.

But things have changed, I've become more attuned to the importance of money, well money does make the world go round right? Or was that chocolate?

Anyways, I've started to value the role money plays, so here I am, working two jobs, one full time, one casual full time (once a month on weekends) and I am working for money, but not just for me, but for my future family. When (I'm optimistic) I start one, I'd like them to have financial security, spoil them on their birthdays or anniversaries, buy them bubble tea when they want it, etc. Now is that a bad thing? Being greedy for money so you can provide for your family in the future?

When I started my real job, it was a big change, being awake longer hours than my Uni lifestyle was a big change. To put it simply, it made me more hungry! I ate every cuisine in North Sydney, sometimes even two meals for lunch, with my greatest feat, 1 x Oportos big meal and 1 x foot long sub from Subway. Fast forward 6 months later, I haven't put on weight at all (poo) and I've cut down my daily lunch expenditure to $10 (including a Super Slurpee). I'm so proud, haha, now I have extra monies to save for my family.


Finding a house is hard. Finding one with your parents present is even harder because 1. I had to find all the new house locations on and 2. I had to drive like a granny (no offence to grannys!) because my parents are in the car. i.e. I can't be closer than 4 car lengths to the car in front of me and I can only travel up to 10km below the speed limit. It was a long day. But thank God for day dreaming and GPS. That got me through the day.

I'm getting desperate though. Can you help me please? Anyone selling a property (land or house and land package) in the North shore of Sydney? One that is within 15km of the City, if it is land (at least 700sqm in size) and if it is a house, at least 4 bedrooms, and built within the last 5 years.

So after 6 hrs of driving, I was finally home and was soooooooo exhausted, similar to playing a basketball championship game or playing a tennis tournament.

At this point, I slumped to my bed, I wasn't even bothered to change out of my clothes, and I slept the night away. Uhuh, what a waste of a Saturday night.

But it wasn't a total loss because in my dreams, I somehow dreamt of Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta, Anywhere But Here - I'm not mentioning her subpar performance in the Star Wars trilogy), I can't exactly remember what happened in that dream but it was a positive one. So no scary monsters or falling from buildings.

And here is a remind for those who do not know who Natalie Portman is.

Image Hosted by

Wow! Just wow. ^_* So hawt, elegant, goddess-like, angelic, eerrr all the good stuff. RAWR!

Page taken from my VOX page.


June said...

hehe hey gorjuz =P

Im just about to head off to sleep now. . it was fun reading ur blogs and gettin an insight into your life and ur dreams of natalie portman lol!!

talk to u soon oks

ps. fattyboomstick lubs ya :)

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