Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pogi's Christmas Special....^_^

*jumps on bed*

Christmas is just right around the corner! Could you believe it? I sure as hell can't because this year has gone by so quickly!

It's been a montage of happiness, heart aches, surprises, success, love, amazement, hunger, excitement, and uncertainty.

Being a corporate zombie, a date such as one this month is not noticed for its celebration but rather to get work done before that date. It's amazing, because it's only hitting me now, 2 days before the momentous occasion.

What does everyone have planned?

Mine will be spent overseas for the first time in a long time, as well as being away from family :/ *weep* Even though I'm staying with friends here in Manila and they are as accommodating like my family back in Sydney. Due to me being the foreigner/guest in their home, they are holding a Christmas/welcome Bert (me) party tonite. This means heaps and heaps of Filo food, cute girls all around, presents and celebrations to be had.

I'm welcoming a change in celebrating a Filipino Christmas instead of a more Westernized Christmas, as the differences are the people, tradition, and the alcohol! In the Phils, beer is weapon of choice, where as red wine is here in Sydney.

Now the only downside is that I can't spend any of this with my family or friends. *poo*

I wish everyone a lovely, safe and fantastic Christmas. May it all be filled with clothes, shoes, food and Wii's.

Never fear....Pogi will make sure to drink responsibily (is that even possible?) and to avoid being taken advantage of any Filipinas no matter how cute or pretty they are. (oh so hard!)



This City is unlike no other.

There is something about its people that always surprises me. They are ALL friendly here!

In my short 3 day stay, people go out of their way to be friendly, from striking up conversations with me, giving me directions when I'm lost, helping me with my bags (I'm not that muscly - XD) and simply walking by smiling and saying hello. From the dozen plus countries I've visited, none are as friendly as Singaporean people.

Not to mention, Singapore girls are sooooooo HAWT! Office gals in their skirt suit or pants suit is such a turn on. I happily sat through an endless conversation about their day as an investor portfolio manager, but was more in tuned to their appearance.

If y'all are ever in Singapore, make sure to check out the clubs, they ROCK! ^_*

And thank God for growth, my hair is longer after a week! Plus it is in the "zone" where it is at its perfect length. I now just need to dye it.

For the fans of Seinfeld, Happy Festivus, for the rest of us....


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