Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pogi *hugs* TV shows

Pogi lubs TV shows, it is a Chinoy, chinese-filipino, tradition (well not really, but I like to think it is) and it involves the art of watching quality TV.

Now for my 5 all time favourite TV shows:

1. Seinfeld
- the show about nothing is really about something special. It has funny observations and quirks that still keep me laughing after 10 years.

Typically, it's a show revolving around the life of 4 characters, Jerry: comedian, Kramer: unemployed next door neighbour, Elaine: ex gf of Jerry, and George: best friend of Jerry. Each episode brings a "challenge" to them all, one of which is determining who is "master of their domain".

My favourite has to be George, because he is just so silly (big salad).

2. Slam Dunk
- now this may be the ultimate anime for basketball fans. It has everything, from comedy, romance, action and sport.

It is about a young troublemaker named Sakuragi who is a freshmen in a Japanese highschool. Here he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko, and discovers she is interested in one thing: basketball, which he hates because a previous love rejected him for a basketball player.

Sakuragi forces himself onto the school's basketball team, but soon realises he's in for more than he anticipated.

My fav would have to be Sakuragi, because he is just so freakin' hilarious. But I'm told I look like Rukawa, and I play like him, sans dunking.

3. 24
- One name: Jack Bauer. This guy is our generation's MacGuyver. He is just so awesome. Bauer is a CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit - duh - XD) agent who aggressively stops terorrists from hurting the innocent. He is a marvel in what he does. And even has his own Chuck Norris style shrine of jokes. My fav character? JACK BAUER.

4. One Tree Hill
- Basketball + highschool + hot girls + guys = perfect Pogi theme.

Long story short, Lucas (abandoned by his father) loves bball, his little brother (same father different mother) loves it too, Lucas joins the school bball team and the rivalry between the two begin, think Sakuragi and Rukawa in SD, XD. Enter the ladies: Brooke, Peyton, Hailey and Rachel. The boys fall in and out of love amongst the girls and they somehow throw in a story about basketball championships.

It's a great show, with a great storyline and a great cast and it's about basketball. enuff said

Lucas rox cos he has my shooting style. Plus he got to wrestle with Brooke and Peyton.

5. Transformers
- now this is a TV show I grew up with and one that I love to bits.

Sorry no basketball here, but bad guys, Decepticons, lead by Megatron crash land with the good guys, Autobots, on Earth. They battle for countless years as Megatron wants to take over the Universe by drawing every ounce of energy from our planet and using it to destroy the Autobots once and for all in their home planet of Cybertron.

Decepticons = evil, take over the universe, Autobots = good, love for peace. Don't watch the movie if you don't wanna cry.

Highlight below to see why:

R.I.P. Optimus

Theres a helluva lot more shows that I love, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Family Guy, American Dad, etc, and they all will get their mention in future posts.

Watch these shows.



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