Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's official, I am Kira

Thank you to that special someone, dare I say a Shinigami (Death God), I have been handed a gift.
And now I am Kira (killer).

Please send a Polaroid and name to my email address on who you'd like to eliminate from this world. Just kidding!!

For those who don't know, please take some time and read Death Note manga, anime or even the live action movie.

A short synopsis:

Death Note is about a school boy who finds a notebook with the power to kill people just by writing the person's name into it whilst keeping in mind the image of the person's face. What makes this manga/anime so special is the interesting plot and the characters. Although the concept of Shinigami (Death God) isn’t anything new, the idea of death by book is something worth thinking over.



Outfits from the week

Top: Topman blazer, Dickies singlets x 2, Fox white knit, Rayban shades
Bottom: Hickok belt, Revoltage jeans, Converse

Le TigraGame face!

Top: Zara suit, G2000 shirt, crucifix from Singapore
Bottom: Burlington sox

Top: G2000 shirt, Topman tie, Death note book
Bottom: Zara trousers, Stacey Adams shoes


Death lunch for Kira

The following dish shortened my life....
  • Beef burger with extra pattie, cheese and bacon from local milkbar
  • Jumbo fries from Oportos
  • Egg mayonnaise jar from IGA

  • Roast duck, roast pork with rice from random Asian restaurant in Chinatown


Psst. Pogi's birthday is coming up.....har har har


Assistant position available!

Pogi has a personal assistant position available. Typically you are needed to assist in my day-to-day tasks.

These tasks may include the purchasing of lunch for him at his request (may or may not include trips to Easyway), carrying his bags (3.5 kg laptop bag & compendium), deciding what outfits he is to wear for the next day, organising outings and events for him via telephone or email with his friends and associates.

Salary: 1 x Easyway drink large with topping, 1 x bacon & egg roll (for morning tea), 1 x lunch anywhere in North Sydney, 1 x Polo bun with coconut (afternoon tea).

Candidates, please send your resumes to my email address. ^_^


chase said...

oOoohh that is interesting. For now I am hook with Bleach

RennyBA said...

Thanks for your visit as The Queer Chef pimped you!
Btw: great blog:-)

Raquel said...

The Queer of Chef brought me here and thanks for visiting my site. I was here earlier but don't have enough time to leave a comment.

Btw, don't know who's the picture, but he is looking great. Hehehe...

Roast duck, roast pork, hmmmm...yummy!

andianka said...

(The Queerchef says hi)... ahahaha! thanks for dropping by my blog as well... i really liked the look on that Death note notebook. and i thought the leaflets would be black as well. although the book and the story does sound intriguing...hmm... maybe i'll check it out sometime. :D

pieterbie said...

“The Queer Chef pimped me here”.
Haven't visited Pogi yet.
Hey, wow, that death note sounds cool and special.
You dietary suggestions make me feel bloated. I'll stick to a flesh salad :-)
Good on you.

tin-tin said...

if you have a death note book, then you should really be careful on who to write there :)

tina said...

Ive been hearing a LOT about death note... from my bro and sis. Hehe. :P

vertisia said...

funny,interesting,and i like it very much.

Miss U said...

It is very beautiful. though i like it , I like you much. hehe

winnie said...

pretty blog, i like it very much,ur pics are very great,attractive and delicate.i am lucky to recognize u.u are a good friends.and take good care urself.^_^

aCey said...

nice handwriting!

suanbujiu said...

I like your website very much thoug they are made in english ,especially the pictures .I am also very glad to be your friend , I hope we can have a talk through the skype usually .Happy everyday .

June said...

how are those PA applications going?

LOL =)


PogiChinoy said...

Thanks for the kind comments, make sure to watch Death Note or else I'll be writing your names in mine!



@June: Haha very few applicants!!

helena said...

haha,it works,

helena said...

nice handwritting, nice pictures,nice book, nice donkey.....

Anonymous said...

Kira, I am L and I will bring you to justice.

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