Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yup, it's around that time of the year again, for Animania!

Animania, much like SMASH, is an event for the masses to share in their interests of Japanese culture, namely manga and anime.

For me, it's an excuse dress up in various costumes for fun, and also to catch up with old friends, whilst making new ones. XD

Luckily, the venue is at the Sydney Town Hall. The big, oldish looking building, across the street from QVB and next to Town Hall train station. This is much more easily accessible than SMASH, which was held at UNSW. Plus food will be more accessible at this venue. Yehey!!!

Food is very important to me. :p

I'll be cosplaying again, but this time, I'm making the effort to attend as a different character on all 3 days.

Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk!

I kinda prefer Sakuragi Hanamichi, because he has more character than Rukawa, but I'm told I look more like Rukawa, and play like him too, plus Sakuragi has red hair, I can't do red hair. >_<>

Yagami Light from Death Note

Pretty much going to be the same costume I wore at SMASH. It's Light-kun's outfit which he wore at the funeral.

Great thing is, is that we're doing a Death Note cosplay group. I will be Light, Tarou will be L (and handcuffed to me, hehe), and Miso and/or Sharyn will be Misa-Misa.


Now if only we had someone to do a Ryuk or Rem. Hhmmmmz, any takers??


I wanted to go as a Jrocker, and was advised that I would most successfully pull off Gackt's look. Not this exact look in particular, but I recently purchased a similar jacket as he does in this pic. I certainly won't wear the vampire coat he has, or bleach my hair blond, however, I will be getting my ears pierced to wear crucifix earrings on them.


I'm sacrificing my ears with pain just to pull this cosplay look off. Isn't that dedication? *sigh*

Sharyn, has had some experience with Jrock make up and she'll be doing mine. :p With the aid of Miso I believe. Oh dear, I hope they won't make me look too feminine.

Tarou will be Ryutarou (Plastic Tree), and Miso will be dressed up as Nana.

But girls, we'll need to meet up and do a practice run ASAP.


So if you're interested in Japanese culture, manga and anime, or me (?), please feel free to come down on the last weekend of September, 28th-30th, at Sydney Town Hall and enjoy the festivities.

Say hi if you see me. XD


Song of the moment: Sekai ga Owaru Made Wa - Slam Dunk OST


teresa said...

very cool...little brother...i wish i were there to see ur cosplay.people will definitely have great fun there on september 28th to 30th.hey,i m really getting jealous of u! the way...u really look cute in that costumes!

Tsu said...

oooo, I'm so looking forward to taking pics of the Death Note group..^__________^. Good luck as Gackt, getting your ears pierced isn't that bad..^___^''''

p.s I finally got my cosplays in order...lmao. (no more L for me!)

Alex said...

hey make sure you take lots of pictures for people who don't have the opportunity to go to that event. I really would like to see you in that jrocker costume. Loads of pics please

Sarah84vn said...

the characters in pics have hair like you, lol

CyberCelt said...

Pogi, y'all sure know how to have a good time. I will look forward to the pictures. I want to see you with RED hair! LOL

Stopping by for C&C Monday. I am off to terrorize someone on your blogroll, or perhaps sarah84vn!

Anonymous said...


Sarah84vn said...

have nice weekend!

cybercelt, welcome to my blog, ;)

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chubby`cheex said...

Haha, random soompier here ^-^'
You're in sydney too?

HAHA where do people get their cosplay costumes? .. or do they make them themselves o_0'

eh. Anyways ^^ byeeebyeee

PogiChinoy said...

@teresa: thankers!! hehe I wish you were here with me as well. :p

@tsu: omg I can't wait either, I'm gonna be Mr Camwhore that day. XD

@alex: hiya! oh definitely I will, just you wait. :)

@sarah84vn: thank you! Does it?! HEhe my hair is very Asian fob. -_- Hope you have a great weekend too. Thanks for stopping by.

@cybercelt: Red hair!? NEVER!!!

@anonymous: hehe here's a new one...

@crescenet: eh? 0_o

@chubby`cheex: hihi! Yup a Sydneysider here! People either make it themselves or buy pieces from anywhere, mainly from Japan.

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