Sunday, August 12, 2007

I look like a girl [-_-]

No really I do...

MyHeritage has a service which it compares your face amongst various Celebrities.

...I guess Bao who has been grilling my ass for looking feminine finally has some ammo against me.

You win this round devil girl. Hmmmf.

First go

I'm worried....I look like Sun from Lost.

The sad thing is, I tried another picture and hoped I got a better result.

2nd go

No dice, MyHeritage still believes I look like a girl. :/ But at least it is Kyoko Fukada, what a hottie!


Korean Drama

For the past couple of years I've been watching more and more K dramas (Korean dramas), and for those who don't know much about Korean dramas, they are synonymous with love triangles, and lots and lots of crying.

In this particular drama called My Girl, the story is about a girl named Ju Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) who is a chronic liar, she accidentally/purposely bumps in to rich, hotel owner, Seol Gong Chan.

Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) is trying to find his long lost cousin for his grand father who has become ill and wishes to see his grand daughter before he dies. He see's an opportunity with Yoo Rin and decides to use her to pretend to be his cousin until they find the real grand daughter.

All this is happening whilst, Seol Jeong Woo (Lee Junki), Gong Chan's best friend begins to fall in love with Yoo Rin, only problem is he needs to prove to Yoo Rin that he ain't no player no mores. But he fails to realise that he can't fight true love.

Sae Hyun (Park Yi Seon), Gong Chan's girlfriend, known as Korea's Sharapova, returns from her success in tennis she decides to take Gong Chan back. He accepts her, however, Yoo Rin begins to fall in love with him. A complicated four-way love relationship begins with Sae Hyun, Seol Jeong Woo, Yoo Rin and Gong Chan.

Feel free to preview the show, from here. Don't worry, it is Korean dubbed but English subbed.


From left: Lee Junki, Park Si Yeon, Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook

I absolutely adore this drama, because it has a mix of everything from laughter, to sadness and to romance.

Plus it has Lee Da Hae, who is an absolute cutie. I completely fell in love with her character, her performance is amazing and she's so talented! Plus, off the set, she is completely down to earth and an amazingly person with a warm heart.

I'm so jealous of Gong Chan. Bastard got to kiss her.

So pretty!!

And the hair grows longer....

Why am I growing it at this length?

For SMASH, Sydney Manga and Anime Show. It is a fun filled day which includes a Host club, Maid cafe, Karaoke competition and cosplay (costume play) competition just to name a few.

And the connection of my hair and SMASH? Well I'll be turning up dressed up as a Japanese host club member. That's right! Like those ones who chat up girls and gets them to buy expensive drinks at a Host club.

Not only that though, I'll be turning up dressed as Raito Yagami from Death Note. Hehe. It'll be fun.

For the fans of manga and anime, please turn up on the 18th of August, this Saturday, to UNSW Roundhouse, it's only $12 at the door or $9 prepaid.

Be there! And come say hello to me. ;)


New Skittles flavour

Skittles has come out with a new flavour. It doesn't compare to the Wild berry and Tropical flavours but it isn't too bad. Best ones are the candy apple and fairy floss.

As you can see I bought a heap to try, and this pile doesn't even compare to the ones I bought for work.


Top: GAP tee
Bottom: Dockers chinos, Samuel & Kevin belt

I can sense a 3rd root canal coming...


Top: Fox knit, Old Navy hoodie
Bottom: Topman jeans, G2000 belt, Vans prison issues shoes


Top: G2000 shirt, charcoal 3/4 coat
Bottom: Old Navy belt, Topman slacks, Bostonian oxfords


Things that irk me right now

Losing my Blistex
Losing my Blistex
Losing my Blistex
Finding out I didn't have a backup Blistex
Finding out I didn't have a backup Blistex
Finding out I didn't have a backup Blistex


What I miss most about the U.S.

Snickers ice cream


Song of the moment: Christian Bautista - She Could Be



tin-tin said...

i'm sure it's because of the hair that's why most of your look-alikes are girls.
there came a point in my life when i also got addicted with korean dramas. you should try to watch the korean movie, my sassy girl. it's really great :)

CM said...

I was hooked to that Korean drama, "my girl" before! And I even prefer jeong woo for yoo rin than seol gong chan. Hehe.

Nice outfits. :)

tina said...

oh well.. maybe it's the hair nga.. nevertheless you get compared to hot cute girls.

just like my sister a fan of korean dramas. hehe. :P well almost evrybody here is. :P enjoy!

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