Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm back baby!! I'm back!

Seems like its quite consistent with me apologising again for neglecting my blog but I sincerely do apologise, as I was exhausted from my trip, had to catch up with work back in the office here in Sydney and also attend my physio sessions every week.

Does that justify on requesting for a personal assistant?


I think so...hehe

Btw position is still available, please refer to here. *wink*


Now quirky things I noticed at Chappell Hills mall.

A sign to indicate stairs. Now this is getting silly, when I see stairs, I don't need a sign to tell me that there's stairs. But at least they're being considerate for the slow people in this country.

No really?

Now shopping at the GAP is also nice and convenient. Check out this cute little button inside your change room. Got any sizing or style probs? Push it and an attendant will be with you shortly.

Push if you're horny.

This is just as convenient as the more busier GAP stores where they all have headsets and communicate each other when serving customers.


A pretty scenery shot of the mountain range of Colorado Springs. How nice. So lush and green, its everything you see on those American family movies. I'm thinking Homeward Bound.

I'd certainly live here if I was retired, because its just so peaceful. Rarely any crime and everything you need (if you're a retiree) at your finger tips.

But the little Asian boy in me wants me to live back in the motherland of Asia. Most probably Japan, South Korea or Singapore.

It honestly is very peaceful here. COS is pretty much a Caucasian dominated city, with other ethnic nationalities being the African-Americans and Mexicans. Asians don't rate highly here and was told by some workmates that when I'm in public, they notice that the people stare at me. Mainly because of the way I look (Asian) and the way I dress.


I tried to look like a local. But failed to find anything I liked in stores such as the GAP, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hot Topic and Buckle.

Problem with those stores is that they contain very similar clothing. And scarily enough, the clothes I bought from the GAP and AE five years ago are still similar to the ones there today. Nothing has changed! :/


I watched not only one, but two baseball games!

It was so awesome! My first baseball game. I was watching the Colorado Skysox play and we kicked their (some other team) ass.

As you can see the weather doesn't look too fresh, but COS has odd weather like in Melbourne. It was freezing cold in the early morning, hot in midday and finally cold and raining in the evening. Can't make up their mind?

And a baseball game is never complete without a fight. The situation here is that the pitcher through a beamer at the hitter and clocked him on the leg.

Then as the hitter was taking his base, he exchanged words with the pitcher, then seconds later they rushed each other and then the whole team and players in the dugout joined in.

I was in complete awe and only managed to snap a few shots. DAMMIT!!

The hitter was kicked out of the game, heheeh. And there was one particular (shirtless) character in the stands who stood up for the Skysox and shouted abuse to the other team's kicked out player, giving him all the shit he could dish out. Nice work! :)

Was thoroughly an enjoyable two games and an example of such convenience at the baseball game as you can buy sno cones and cotton candy there.

Perfect for people with sweet tooths like me.


Where's the bunny?
Can anyone spot the bunny?
Should be pretty obvious.


Thrill of life time.

To the non car appreciators, skip this part, but for those who appreciate cars, stick around. But thanks to Rob for hooking me up a ride with his friend, Eric's ride, it's a Mustang Shelby GT500. It is a beast of a machine and roars like a sexy momma.

We reached up to 100mph on this sweet ride.

And to think it only costs approximately US$30k, but the Shelby Cobra (a lesser model) costs about AU$90K.



Food porn

. : Room service : .

Details: New York steak sirloin, Grilled Italian sausage sandwich roll, Banana pastry with strawberry and unsweetened Iced tea.
Notes: Delicious but nothing exceptional, other than the dessert.

One of the sexiest Cookies and cream milkshakes (from Denny's) I've had.

How could I resist not having a dozen of Dunkin' Donuts? Haven't had these in years. And they were everything I remembered them as.

Now don't feel disappointed, I ate a heap of food there to a point where I didn't have enough room for dessert. That's right! Pogi missed out on dessert. Poor me. *weep* I just forgot to take a snap photo.

I ate at various places, including Dennys, IHOP (International House of Pancakes), Red Robin, Zios (Italian cuisine), On the Boarder (Mexican cuisine), Wendys, Chick-Fil-A, Salsa Brava (Mexican cuisine), Cracker Barrel (Cowboy cuisine), Applebee's, and last but not least Chicago Hot dogs.

It was mentioned to me that Mexican food is very popular in the US, to a point there people would not survive if Mexican food was removed from their cuisine.

It's like Sydney and our Asian cuisines.

A special mention goes to the Chicago Hot dogs. These are the tastiest hot dogs I've ever had and at first I wouldn't have thought would be good. From a glance its a hot dog, with relish and a salad including cucumbers.

I thought, this looks horrible and sounds horrible, but when you take a bite you are floored.

My knees were weakening and you couldn't have a conversation with me because I was busy cherishing every bite.


A special shout out to Robert Beers and his family, you have a beautiful family and honestly you are lucky with what you have.

Thank you for befriending a picky person like me and putting up with my relentless sugar addiction.

Catch up with you soon.



Speaking of catching up with people, need to meet up with Grace and her trip with Joni, Thao and Joe in Japan.

Lucky bastards!

I would've joined y'all if I hadn't gone on work travel.



David said...

Well the thing about living in the interior is that things take up to a decade before east and west coast fashion catches up if it ever does at all. (Sometimes, we'll even skip over a fad.)

nvv_darkangel said...

Eat Bulaga !!! :) I don't know how to translate it hehehe :) It's a show back home though...I haven't seen that for like ages!


p.s cool blog

tina said...

welcome back. i wish you had loads of pictures of food. hahaha. but that would only make me hungry. i love the cookies and cream milkshake... (loves shake) hahaha. ;p

CyberCelt said...

Sounds like you had a great time. If you want to taste real Mexican food, you have to go to Texas. LOL

I would think that people looked at you because you are a handsome young man, not because you are Asian. Or perhaps you spoke with an Australian accent? I think nothing of how I talk until I journey beyond Texas, but then I stand out.

Here for Click & Comment Monday to say HI!

chase said...

Hello there! Looking at the pic of that dunkin donuts makes me miss it. Anyway, I am still in Norway btw!

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