Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fashion + Titans (Shohoku) basketball feature


Another amazing suit find. Blardy hell!!

I really need to go to Japan. Hmmmmz, maybe if I take these to Singapore, Li Wee can help me find a tailor to make this suit for me? :/

I just can't describe it anymore, it's very similar to the one I posted previously but hot dang, this looks so nice when worn semi casually.

At this moment, I want it so bad, I just can't stop thinking about it. I know, how retarded, instead of thinking about someone like Hyori Lee, this is clouding my mind.



Friday outfit

Warm day at 28 degrees, so I thought I'd do a short sleeve today and wear comfy chinos for a Preppy look. Hair wasn't very manageable that day. :/

Top: 2 x singlets (Puritan & Dickies from Phils and U.S.), lime green RL polo from U.S., building keys, vintage Ray Bans (my father's).
Bottom: Samuel & Kelvin blue belt, Dockers khaki chinos, white Umbro velcro topsiders (not in picture).


Basketball (Shohoku style)

It was Titan's 2nd playoff game tonite. We were up against a team called Rippers. Unfortunately, I won't be playing active sport anymore but I still made the effort to come and cheer them on.

This was one nail biter of a game. Similar to that of the Slam Dunk! (anime), Shohoku vs Kainan. The final score was 42-40. The winner was decided in the last 10 secs of the game.

Below, is Dennis on the right, and his gf, Lam on the left, don't you think he sorta looks like Kogure-san?

Meanwhile I can't tell who looks like Gori, either Dhany on the left or Vern on the right. They both look surprisingly similar to Akagi-kun.


Part of our cheer squad, Louise (Pete's gf & Dennis' sis) and Dhany's gf (sorry! forgot your name). They weren't cheering Rukawa, neither were they cheering me, Pogi. :/ But if I was on the court, I'd hear my name in the cheers. :)

Now for some basketball commentary. The first half has been stress, both teams were trading points, blow for blow. It was pretty much neck and neck, and no one team had more than a 6 point lead between each other.

We only had 6 active players tonight. Peter, Dhany, Cameron, Gibson, Archie, and Vern. The other team had 7 active players.

The 1st half ended with us having a 6 point lead.

Below is a snapof Pete sinking a free throw.

The beginning of the second half. My heart pounds harder. I want us to win, to finally win a division in this Narellan basketball tournament.

As you can see, our team (white) had a lot of tall mofos to compete against. Damn I wish I was playing. :/

The player taking a shot is a friend of a friend of mine, met him once but I forgot his name. I also took this candid pic hoping that the flash would distract him and cause him to miss the shot.....and it did. :)

But one of their tall mofos secured the rebound and scored. :/

Again, trading points between both teams. At one point, we had an 11 point lead, but they caught up. After a couple of poor possessions by us, the other team hit a couple of easy three pointers and lay ups (cherry picking bastards) and they were only 2 points behind with 19.6 seconds to go.

Now in an odd change of events, Cameron got fouled, he made one of the free throws to push the score to 40-37. They managed to score from an easy lay up, which brought the score close to 40-39. Then Gibson fouled one of their tall mofos, he erupted uncontrollably and swore at the referee several times. This resulted with a technical foul (unsportsmanlike foul), 3 shots were attempted, luckily only one went in, to make it 40-40.

Now this is the killer. Since a tech foul was declared, it was the Ripper's possession of the ball. Which means they have 10 seconds to score and win the game. Due to pressure, one of their guards (short Asian dude), was too rough and committed a off the ball foul on Pete.

Pete was up to the charity strike (foul line) and swished both shots! What a hero!! ^_^

Now team Rippers had to make it up from one end of the court to the other and score to tie or shoot a three pointer to win.

They gave it to a fat dude on their team and he took a 3 point shot with Pete guarding him. Luckily, his shot wasn't on target and it bounced away, Pete was able to grab the rebound and hold on to the ball till time ran out.

*buzzer sounds*

We WON!!!!

What a helluva night. My throat was sore and my voice was deep from all the yelling. My body was in pain and at the same time was high with adrenaline from the excitement.

Boys, good luck next week. I'll call to see how we went, and Lam, make sure to record it!! I want copies of our Playoffs series!

I said goodbye to my teammates, thank them for the good times. Walk towards one of the side doors, pause and turn. Below is the last image I saw, and it is the last image I will remember of my last day at the basketball hall.


Good times.

Mood: Happy, relieved, sad for Bao. :(
Song of the moment: AFI - Love Like Winter


Dreadangel said...


I want that suit!!!

Need to learn off that guy too for posing kekeke...

chase said...

The top is cool but I am still doubtful about the pants

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