Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday Coma + I broke it = Craptastic :/

OK, well it wasn't really a coma, but I was knocked out for about 18 hrs.

Saturday started off like any order normal day but instead I was working my second job (yes I'm greedy) which starts at 8am and ends at midday. Only 4 hrs! ^_^ But good monies. Shitty that it being on a Saturday morning. :/ At least it only happens once a month.

Anyways, that day was a beach day in Wollongong with Grache, Joni and Camielle, but since I'm coming from Alexandria, it'll take me about around 1hr 20mins to get there and they would only stay till 3pm (since someone works at 4pm).
I had to bail out.

Pogi misses out on beach day. *grumble grumle*

Later that day I did some shopping, trying to put my mind off missing out on the beach. Did I mention I love the beach because it's an excuse where I can mimic the Baywatch dudes, I love body surfing, and hanging out at the beach with friends is fun fun fun.

I picked this up from a local sports store, to replace the one that someone "stole" from the beach (Thirroul).

Sexy ain't it?

I couldn't find the Nike equivalent that I lost but this will do, plus this is the official ball they use in actual NCAA games.

Gosh I hate losing things....

My lost baby.

Am I too Americanised? :o



Like I said, it wasn't really a coma, but after shopping I took my new pain meds (muscle specific) and took a nap so I could be rested for Miguel's 24th b'day (old kient!) tonight.

Miguel's the one in the far left reading the Islam book (you gimp!)


Happy Birthday

Suddenly I wake up at 2am, Sunday morning. [-_-]

I slept from Saturday arvo (around 3pm) till 2am the next day. What'd I do? Sent out sorry txt messages, had an extremely late dinner and proceeded to watch Family Guy dvds for the next 2 hrs.

What a waste of a day. At least I got a new football.


It's broken *cries*

I have this problem. I occasionally tend to break things very soon after I've gotten them.

Now you remember my Moo Mixer?
Look at the cap.....[-_-]

The story goes like this, at the end of each day I pop the Moo Mixer in the dishwasher at work, I did this all last week, but somehow the cap dropped through the barriers in the dishwasher and I found it resting on the element at the bottom.

I pulled it out and noticed it melted the cap, as you can see from the picture above.

The cap sits and closes on top of my Moo Mixer fine, it can also handle mixing fine, so no spillage, but when I take a swig of the milk, it spills over the edge like someone who has poor hand coordination.

Now that means to drink properly without spillage I have to mix first, take the cap off and then drink.


It doesn't feel natural. :(

I have to carry the cap around.


Well that's my rant for now.........



*waves* Hi to the cute girl who got off at Nth Syd station with me (black military but conservative dress), nice legs, nice butt, but why must you wave your bottom at me when going up the stairs? I couldn't concentrate! ^_*


Catherine said...

Wow man... I wish I could sleep like that... But sucks how you missed the party...


And I swear, I love the pics you stick on this Hahaha

meg said...

hey, nice blog. sounds like u need more shopping hours LOL.
hahaha chinoy? and i thought i was original =P

PogiChinoy said...

Cat: Heh. Should start posting luvo pics on yours more often. Follow in the footsteps of me....^_^

meg: Hiya meg, thanks heaps! I definitely need more shopping time, but I will have plenty to go around in Singapore later this month. :)

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