Sunday, March 25, 2007

Singapore! + Scary + Shopping + Part hardy

Apologies for no updates but during the week I was busy with work and ever since I touched down in Singapore, I've been busy non stop.

OK as I was checking in for my 8.30am flight at Sydney airport, there was a hurdle. The lady behind the desk requires the last 4 digits of my mother's Amex card or else I won't be able to get my boarding pass. No problem. I give my mom a call. Her phone is off. [-_-] After looking at the time, it's about 2am in HK. I try my sister (they're both in HK on a holiday), her phone is off.

Sydney Airport

OK honestly, why is there a need to keep your phone off? Unless you have enemies, what if you need to be contacted in an emergency?

People please keep your phone(s) on at all times!

Luckily, the guy at the service desk recognised my last name and asked if I was Myrla's (my mom's name) son. Of course I said yes and he quickly apologised and gave me my boarding pass. Not only that, he said I should've mentioned I was her son, and he also gave me access to the Singapore airlines First class/Silver Kris lounge! Awesome!! If I knew it would be like this, I would've mentioned my mom's name everywhere. XD

First class/Silver Kris lounge

What can you do at this lounge? Watch TV on flatscreens, free food, free drinks (including alcohol), free magazines/newspapers, access to the Internet, bedrooms for short naps, etc. Very luxurious, but it doesn't compare to the size and facilities as the lounge in Singapore (Changi airport).


On the flight SQ220, I was seated next to a cute Aussie/Singapore girl. She was rather tired though, I noticed her sleeping for most of the flight.

To kill the boredom, I watched Babel which was OK, don't think it really deserved all the hype but Rinko Kikuki's performance was outstanding, she should've received an award.

8 hrs later, I arrived to this:

Marina Mandarin hotel

Compared to other hotels, Marina Mandarin totally lives up to its 5 star rating. I only have a premier room (stingy work) but it's still very nice.

My room

I ate with Li Wee at Ichiban Boshi, a Japanese restaurant where I had a beef steak thing that was cooking on a BBQ. A real yakiniku experience will be reserved for later. :)

Being typical Pogi, I left my sunglasses at the restaurant. :/ Luckily for me, Li Wee called them later that night and arranged for me to pick them up tomorrow.



Work lady, Li Wee met up with me at the hotel and showed me to our office (since I arrived their on Friday around 1.30pm, which is still a work day for SG). With the lights off, our SG office looks scary and kinda reminds me of scenes from the English version of The Grudge (Japanese version is called Ju-on).





Now after settling in, knowing how to get to work from the hotel. I have to do some shopping.

A couple of hours later................

Shopping haul #1

I know, I know. It's not much but I didn't want to splurge straight away. Pogi has to be a smart shopper. So far, 2 Zara suits (black and dk brown - which are fitted, slimming and cropped. Hmmmz I'll compare it to that Dior Homme suit I posted a short while ago. Also two jackets, one funkii dk camel blazer, and a contemporary very Eurody look black jacket.

Oh and a FHM magazine. ^_^


Party Hardy

I met up with Li Wee again, two former FRS workers; Wendy and Elbert (who is Filo too!), as well as Wendy's friend Jenny.

We ate out at a restaurant next to Singapore river. I think the area we were at was called Bicao?

Li Wee and I were the last to arrive, because I errrmm take a while to get ready. Little did I know that the others already pre-ordered food. One in particular was stingray. And they did NOT warn me it had chili. As soon as it put it in my mouth and started chewing. I felt the effects.

My lips felt swollen. :( And my tongue was on fire. I ordered duck, and that kept me happy for the rest of the meal.

Now off to do some fun stuff. They took me to Insomnia, which was in one of the best locations and reminded me of Greenwood. It was conveniently located in a section of an old converted convent. Very classic.

A couple of hours and many tequila shots (peer pressure - har har har) later, I retired back in my room. This was around midnight. Now, normally I'm all up for an all nighter but I was awake for over 17 hrs, plus I was jet lagged.

Jenny, Elbert, Wendy and Li Wee

Wendy, me (swollen lips) and Li Wee


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