Monday, May 07, 2007

Krist's B'day + Maria's Grad + Dad's B'day

I know this post was made on the same day as the last one but this event deserved its own.....

Now last weekend was crazytown! Straight after work I met up with Neil, Maria and Krist at World Towers because they booked an apartment till Sunday morning. That's right babeeee! 3 days of fun filled party hardyness.

What are we celebrating you ask?

Why of course Krist's (Omar) b'day! I wish you a big Happy Birthday Krist!

Happy 25th man!

Can't believe you're that old! har har har. Just kidding brudda.

Krist is Filo, he is 5ft 10, extremely likable and a whole lot of friendly. So girls, if you ever need a man who can give some luvin', this is your chance to nab him.



It is also a day to celebrate Maria's graduation and official promotion to "grown up" status. Maria has graduated with a degree in Microbiology. From what I can understand, she can work in the Science field and find cures of diseases or even become a doctor.

Congratulations Maria!!

Time to buy even more "office" clothes. Har har har


Prior to Friday on Thursday nite. I was doing work at home, but didn't finish till late. So I never had a chance to choose what to wear for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What to do? I got up extra early to choose what to wear. Only problem was I was in zombie mode, like most mornings, and couldn't decide what to choose. I randomly grabbed what I think was clothing and deposited them in to a mini luggage.

I happily knocked off at 4.30 on Friday afternoon and headed to George St to meet up with Neil, Maria and Krist.

Later that early evening, we went grocery shopping and picked up some bread (I'm obsessed with bread), from Breadtop, not realising that a few mins away was the newly opened Breadstory. :/ I also managed to pick up some of these puffy cookies, with chocolate/custard "injected" inside them. Sounds delicious?! It sure is! Especially when it is eaten fresh and hot.

And now some happy snaps!!

Andrea, Karla, Krist (Birthday dude), Me & bread

Krist, Maria (officially a grown up now) and Neil

View from the top

The lovely Karla with part of my head, in a failed camera shot attempt.

Girls being silly whilst Krist and I are in line getting Puffy cookies.

Krist attempting his best Sith Lord impression

Pimpess Maria repping her jacket we gots for her

Saturday morning Me

It was important to be careful in this particular bathroom, because it was the same one were Samir captured Dalemy, TWICE! whilst showering with Neil's camera. Why? I do not know. But maybe it will make it on the Internet one day? Haha.

Krist posing with a hoodie we copped

Maria & Neil cooking us a delicious dinner

Preparing to go out on Saturday night, destination = Pumphouse

Krist styling out his newly bought outfit


Friday night: Verandah bar

Since I was well rested after work and quick stint in the apartment, the funkii krew headed to Verandah bar for some hiphop tunes. Dalemy picked up a friendly mature lady with a red top, and even gave her a peck on the cheek! Nice one!!

That was fun, with lots of laughs, especially Samir doing his thang and Dal abusing randoms on the street. To the victims, I'm sorry, but he was under the influence.

I was repping this tonight as a Jpop/Jrock dude.

George St at night


Saturday night: Pumphouse

VIP, drinks on me! That's right sexy mommas! We were rockin' up at the VIP lounge in Pumphouse celebrating with even a bigger group of friends.

Only problem was it was crowded as hell. Your ass touched not one, but possibly two or three other asses, *prays they were at least girls asses*, because the venue was packed like Darling harbour on New Years.

And how could I forget to mention Neil's battle, crump style with some random clubbers on the night!? Hell it was mental and crazie as anything. Neil was doing his thang but was overwhelmed by the other krew, considering he was all alone and had no back up. Where were you Krist and Don?

It was totally something out of that dance movie, You Got Served.

Dalemy offering the finger after being in the men's restroom for 15 mins, hmmmm, notice the pretty girl in the background (?)

Dalemy being Dalemy i.e. drunk as fuck

Dal giving us drunk Blue Steel

Dalemy showing us how what alcohol can do to people


Happy Birthday Dad!

My father turns 53 today. A big Happy Birthday also goes out to him! I was able to make it back in time mid Sunday afternoon greet him.

Wish you the best Dad.


chase said...

Woweee! Lovely set of pictures and as usual you look hot with those clothes you are wearing. Fab!!!

Alex said...

Wow...looks like you had lots of fun...

Karen said...

Looks like you were having a great time!

I’m passing through via Cybercelt’s blog and leaving a comment on a do follow blog. Then I’m going to look at your blogroll and click on someone else who does follow and leave them a comment. If you would like to go to my blog and leave a comment for someone on my blogroll (you can leave me a comment too!) and then a comment on someone on their blogroll that would be really nice.

Beijing Baby! said...

Hey^^ found your blog through fashion spot.
Loving your style ;)

PogiChinoy said...

Thanks heaps all! Had a great time, took me a few days after that weekend to recover.


Opal: The Raw & The Cooked said...

It sounds like everyone had a blast! I haven't been clubbing in a few years. I miss it. I love to dance. These days I usually do that at home. I found you through Chase's blog.
I really like your blog!

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