Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fashion show - day 9

Pogi's street couture, ready-to-wear range is rounding up the second last day of the fashion show.

His notes to this line, '...I'd like to bring back simplicity. People every day stress over what to wear. But this line delivers ease of choice and matching each clothing item for the modern man...'

Top: Topman blazer, Dickies singlet plain, Dickies singlet lined, Crucifix by Revoltage
Bottom: Revolness denim, Umbro white canvas shoes (to be worn)

My attempt to looking like a conservative Jpop/Jrock star. All though not pictured, I added a few badges on the lapel to finish the look.

Oh crap, you can see my toes

I love this crucifix necklace


Top: Topman hoodie, Dickies tee (not pictured)
Bottom: Revoltage denim, S&K belt, Vans (to be worn)


Who likes puppies?! I do!!

I was at a luncheon party yesterday for my parents. It was one of those Filipino meets, where the adults dine in for lunch at a host's home, whilst chit chatting with the latest gossip, and eating loads and loads of good food.

At this particular luncheon, my father's old boss in his government job back in the Philippines was in town and they organised an occasion with other previous work people. Funny story is that

The event begins with the adults talking and laughing with each other whilst eating Filipino food, then you have the poor sods such as myself and the adult's kids, sitting aimlessly, eating food, watching TV or finding anything to do to kill time.

Why do the kids of the adults attend these tedious functions?
For the food.

2 hrs later, after I couldn't stand hearing any more ridiculously lame Filipino jokes, I headed home.

But before I left, I was introduced to a new litter of puppies that the host of the party's family dog had.

Pup molesting my Vans

The momma wasn't too pleased I was playing with the pups.


Catherine said...

Ok..I haven't commented in a while so I'll write heaps of short ones here

omg man... how many clothes did you buy?!?! I kept scrolling and scrolling thinking "whoa haven't seen that yet"

Hahaha I cracked when you were worried about your toes...

OMG Those puppies are soooo cute!!!

LOVE the name of that store.... Where was that again? Fourskin... Hahaha

Good job with the fashion show!

Anonymous said...

great outfits! especially the first one

and the puppies are lovely!

PogiChinoy said...

Cat: How many clothes? Not enough! HAr har har.

silje: Thanks babe! ^_^

The Aceist said...

Cute puppies!!!! EEEEEEK!!!!

I found about your blog through the Queer Chef :)


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