Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fashion show - day 3 + Pogi is fashion

Due to the end of the Easter long weekend, Pogi's fashion show resumes. HAr har har.


Here are some surprises of what was in that DHL box of goodness.

G2000 business shirts x 12 (some are in the wash)


On the
elevator catwalk, Pogi struts:

Top: G2000 shirt, Fox longsleeve, Tag Heuer timepiece
Bottom: Zara trousers, G2000 blu belt and Florsheim shoes (not pictured)

Bad slouch (stupid knee)


Courtesy of Yoey, he placed me on a makeshift magazine cover. Props to you dude for your randomness and silliness.

HAr har har


I am fashion, a line stolen from Coco Chanel, but the below pix prove it.

It is fate.

This is my mall byatch!

Pogi is fashion, yes?


Enter the luvo pix

edit: fook me! I just noticed the above pic makes me look preggars!! >_<>


chase said...

Nice! You order clothes online? I am still skeptic about it. Coz they might not have the size that I always wanted. Sometimes a medium can be large for me or small. I always try to fit on everything. But the clothes looks nice on you!

PogiChinoy said...

Nope, I got them shirts when I was over at Singapore the other week.

I'm hesitant to buy online for the same reasons as yours.

Plus I have the most misshaped body, so even if I think it'll fit, it may not, so I gotta try it on just incase.

Cheers for the props. ^_^

ps. I'm a L/XL in the kids section. :o

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