Friday, April 06, 2007

Fashion show - day 2

What an amazing start to Pogi's fashion show thus far. *rolleyes*

Remember those fabulous suits I featured in my previous posts? I found something similar at Zara in Singapore. It is of slim fit design, two button (not the one button [-_-]), and cropped. Just the way I like it.

Unfortunately, not exactly like the Dior Homme variant but close enough. I would've had a tailored suit made but I wasn't staying in SG long enough.

Here it is. Please ignore the silly posing but I couldn't resist comparing my poses to the model's.

Sexy, no?


Ugly ass fashion

Now here is some damning proof that no matter how much an item of clothing costs, it doesn't prove that it is good fashion; and also that designers, can get it wrong sometimes, if not, most times.

A good example is this grey top I found in at a Burberry store in SG.


I don't mind the colour and style except for those nasty ass, tacky plastic gems. It just does not belong on this top, or in my opinion, it does not belong on clothes. I'd like to see it look good on a piece somewhere, but so far I can't think of any from the top of my head.

The price tag was SG$1200. Need I say more?


Mischa, why must you follow me everywhere?

Happy snaps: Bebe store in SG


DreadAngel said...

Woah! Pogi can do it pro style!

Should do it la FK dude!

FK can model and dance and sing and make girls faint at the same time LMFAO!

PogiChinoy said...

Hahaha. You can do the same Yoey, just better. XD

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