Thursday, April 12, 2007

Singapore Fashion Festival

Due to rain affecting Pogi's fashion show, I thought it would be ideal to pimp out the Singapore Fashion Festival, which began as soon as I arrived in SG (23-03).

What a coincidence?

Do you believe me now that Pogi is fashion? har har har



Most of the festival included public fashion shows such as the one below, where designers labels lay their season gear on models, whilst they strut their stuff on a catwalk.

There were also massive sales from all the clothing boutiques around Singapore. Good timing for Pogi. XD

As you can see it is far from any
real fashion shows such as Dior Homme FW 2007, but what do you expect? It's Singapore, not really a fashion capital of the world, or Asia as a matter of fact.


Due to a local friend in media/marketing, I was able to view the Marc by Marc Jacobs show in some place called Nee Amn City (sp?) and it was nice, a decent line in fact.

I did my best to look fashionable by wearing Revoltage jeans, Domanchi blazer, G2000 dress shirt and a Fox longsleeve. No shoes!? Just kidding, I had some Vans prison issues.

I got to mingle with the locals, check out cute models, and guess which guests were designers, journalists or tourists (like me!).

One thing though that my friend mentioned was, that there was no freebie bag?! She said usually these designer fashion shows give out freebie bags that contain various label related freebies.

I guess Marc chumped out on this show.

Oh wells. At least the experience was good as it was my first ever fashion show attendance.




Today - bad hair day [>_<]
Top: Domanchi blazer, G2000 shirt, Topman tie
Bottom: G2000 blu belt, Zara trousers, Florsheim shoes (not pictured)


Top: Domanchi blazer, G2000 shirt, Giordano sweater, Rayban sunnies
Bottom: G2000 blu belt, Tag Heuer timepiece, Topman trousers


From Tuesday's outfit, su8mer8ed on SF thinks I look like this dude....

I don't think so.....


And it's official, I need a knee reconstruction.

M#$th3r f^&ker!!


christina said...

albert!! I totally forgot you were coming to Singapore. Argh but it is past tense now.. Give me a buzz the next time you're visiting. =]

christina said...

And you're looking fly in that skinny tie outfit. =]

PogiChinoy said...

Christina! Hey no probbers dude, I understand you were bizzay, Angela (the girl!) was stressed out too. Catch up with you soon. I may go there again in the coming months. ;)

Aaawwww so sweet. Thankies. :)

chase said...

Oohh hot hot hot! Love those outfits!

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