Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fashion show - day 7 evening set

And then.....

The office couture evening fashion show begins

Well not really, this was my outfit today.........

Top: Flair chocolate coat, G2000 shirt, Topman tie
Bottom: Dickies belt, Topman slacks, Burlington sox


Random Singapore finds

Shopping from Orchard Rd, at the Heeren and Far East Plaza.

Sorry but I had to giggle at the name of this store...hehehe..

Fake Rock & Republic jeans


Scary elevator

OK the story behind this one, is that I was visiting a friend at her place and I noticed their elevators look very much like the ones in the Ju-On/The Grudge movie.

It seems that elevators in Singapore like in Japan have these window panels on their elevators as a safety precaution, for example, they can see if there is a fire on the other floors. That was the explanation I was given.

I don't like them though, because they remind me of the scary part in the movie. You wouldn't catch me in one of these alone on a dark and spooky night.


The MRT (Subway in SG)

Here are two pix of the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Singapore. As you can see it looks very different to the Australian train system but is very similar to the Japanese trains.

Plus they also have the safety barriers for each station to prevent people falling on to the train. How practical!

The commuters look so depressed though. I tried to cheer them up by smiling but they just looked at me weird.



Our office

Here is where I was working at our office in Singapore. I was situated in the country manager's office. The view is sexy.


I can't believe how crazy the rent is for this office space.


nudgetina said...

hey the DHL balloon!! were you at Shaw Towers?

PogiChinoy said...


No, I was in Suntec Tower 2, 19th floor!

I don't like that tower, or our office, I'm told it was haunted.


Tara said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...


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