Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fashion show - day 6

And as we continue the Singapore fashion show...

..more of Pogi's office couture collection is as follows, but surprisingly the venue was changed to a odd..

Top: Zara suit, G2000 shirt, Fox knit
Bottom: G2000 blu belt, Burlington sox

Death Note!!

The second line of Pogi's collection includes a casual urban theme (casual Friday at work!)....

Top: Options jacket, Ralph Lauren Polo
Bottom: Samuel & Kevin belt, Revoltage jeans, Vans shoes

Casual dress Light (Death Note)?


Singapore trip (cont.)

Now to keep myself busy during those late morning wakes and late evening where I'm too tired to go out. There was TV!!

Every morning I was able to watch NBA and EPL games, other channels included 24hr Chinese and Japanese talk shows/drama shows and of course cartoons.

Tom & Jerry!!



Now these K Box karaoke places are a plenty in SG. They have far greater facilities than the ones in Sydney and are cleaner too! A wider assortment of songs are also available, but are no use of me because I can't read or speak or sing Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese/Taiwan/Korean.

I'm a useless Asian boy.


Just call me a twinkie.


Harajuku store in Marina square


Oh noes! What has BAPE started....


chase said...

I really like your outfits. i usually try to wear those types when I am out partying

helena said...

hello, it is my first time to be here. i saw your pictures. i think all the clothes are suit for you~!handsome!!!!i like.....

Anonymous said...


i want to marry you.....haha

Anonymous said...


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