Monday, March 12, 2007

Work Travel + B'day Bowls + Fashion + Bball

I'm Pogi, I go whooooosh

Wow, it's been a while but I'll be off to Singapore from the 23rd March to the 1st of April. It's a work related travel, similar to what I had last year. But this time I'm there to train my peoples (our staff) and to help close down our SG office. Damn. But all is not lost as we hope to open a Japan office soon, hopefully in Shibuya, near all the shops. :) Then I'll be one of the peeps deploying that office there, how kewl.

Due to a convention my usual hotel Pan Pacific or the Conrad are unavailable, I'm stuck in the Marina Mandarin. So if anyone is from SG, please say hello. ^_^

I believe the fortune above rings true, I plan to do heaps of shopping there, and totally buy a new wardrobe....or two. ;p


Wish me luck.



Claudia's B'day Bowls

We were celebrating Claudia's b'day at one of her favourite hobbies, ten pin bowling!

I dreaded this night because not only haven't I gone bowling for like 10 years, I'm up against Neil who is uber pro bowler. He is a pro because a. he has his own special bowling shoes, b. he has a hand brace, c. he has his own bowling ball, and d. he has competed in tournaments before.

The only bowling I've ever done is with friends and for sport back at St. Gregory's College.

However, I didn't do too bad for my first game back, I clocked 108, then in the 2nd game 98. :/ And the third, 136! :)

I didn't beat Neil though. He wouldn't even let me beat him.


Anyways, here are the funkii girls in their trendy straight/skinnies showing off their bowling shoes.

I forget which legs are which, one of them is Karla's, Maria's and Andrea's.

Here is Drea in pointing to the fabness in her jeans and shoes combo.

And some plush toys we won from those The Claw vending machines in the arcade games section of the bowling alley.

It was a fun night. Great to see old friends and also a shout out to Omar/Krist. You'll be fine man, get through this with your close friends, we all love you man.



Friday outfit. I felt very non-collar today so I hit it up with this one.

Top: 2 x singlets from Phils and U.S., Dickies tee from U.S., Abercrombie hoodie from U.S., regular jewellery.
Bottom: Samuel & Keith blue belt from SG, Levis jeans from U.S. and Sky blue Chucks from Phils (out of picture).



Due to my condition described above, last night was my last, yes, last, *weep*, basketball game for a long long time. I have taken the advice of my doctor's and my parents to discontinue playing active sport until my body has fully recovered, and after I have knee surgery for my torn ACL.

But last night was excruciating, as my arthritis kicked in, even with my pain killers. I had trouble sprinting across the court, and even had trouble controlling my motor skills.

Good news though is that we won, 48-34. It was a stressful game though against Battered Savs. I was in Raja Bell (Phoenix Suns, star defense player) mode, and played D all night. I finished with 3 points, 1/2 FG, 1/2 FT, 8 boards, 3 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks.

To spice things up last night, I had a run-in with one of the sly bastards on the opposing team.

So the situation goes, I grab a rebound and had my back turned to him, he tries to steal the ball from my hands but instead connects with my jaw. I turn around and give him the biggest evil, crooked eye and tell him: To watch himself. Then he tells me: Whatcha gonna do about it? (T.I. song, hehe, well sorta). Then I point to the scoreboard and say: "See that, we're gonna win in double figures."

At our next possession, I posted down low against sly bastard, bumped him a bit and did a fade away shot over him and their tall centre dude (Kobe Bryant/Sendoh - Slam Dunk!). I banked it off the backboard and it when in to the dismay of sly bastard. I then pointed at him (not the finger! but a finger).

The crowd went wild!! heheehe

Let's win this division guys, finally.

Below is a sad pic, because it is my last game with these guys. I'm in the middle, looking kinda pumped up because of the adrenalin and testosterone, plus the pain killers I was on.

Thanks guys for a wonderful 5 seasons, there's a few missing in the photo but only because they have since passed on to other things, although I couldn't have picked a better group to be with.

Go Titans!

Excuse my red face, I was exhausted after playing for almost the whole game, plus feeling a bit high from the pain killers I took. [-_-]


Catherine said...

Haaha as soon as I saw the fortune, I knew it was definitely made for you.

Sucks about the illnesses =( Hopefully with some rest you'll be able to move around without ouching =(

頑張って!!! (Ganbatte) LOL I didn't know how to write it in Kanji... Googled it and finally found it written in Kanji, hiragana and Romaji (which is how I was searching it...)

nudgetina said...

Haha you're coming to Singapore! If I'm not bogged down with project work, we can go out for drinks together. =]

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!
And fortune XD
The last one I got in a cookie was "Honesty is the next best to innocence" pssh

PogiChinoy said...

cat: ganbatte? what is that? Yes, the fortune is so me. XD I hope to be well soon, already on the mend, and high on meds. har har har

nudgetina: wow i just noticed you're from singapore, awesome! can you take me shopping and clubbing please?

the only people i know there are oldish people (30+) who have no idea what a boy like me wants to do.


silje: Thankers!

Fortune cookies are fun, especially when you open one and get all excited, esp when you read the fortune, but then you accidentally flip to wrong side of the paper. Silly!

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