Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Insert Japan dose here! ^_^

Japanese special today...


Check out the varying fashion styles from two of the most popular places in Tokyo. Although I must say, I'm not a fan of the yamamba girls in Shibuya. I don't mind the outfit but just her skin looks too manufactured.



For the ladies, check out Japanese influenced clothing from online store AsiaJam. And for both guys and gurls, hit up JapanSugoi for assorted Japanese culture in various parts of Tokyo.


Rika Ishikawa

This girl is so kawaii (cute) and I've been loving her to bits for a while now. I used to call her hot, sexay, cute Japstar back then when I didn't know her name.

See her below in an English lesson segment (name is Rika chan, she's the one wearing the white top and jean shorts) on the popular TV show, Morning Musume. Shes sooooo kyoote!!


Tokyo at nite

Now I love shots of a city's skyline especially at night time. Here are a couple of Tokyo in the late evening. It looks busy and cluttered but to me it looks so calm and peaceful.

This year Pogi will visit there. This year I hope, if there are no complications. :)



Now how could I make another post of Japan without including a feature on food? NEVER! :) food is as much a part of me as I am a part of it.

My favourite Japanese restaurant in Sydney would have to be Rengaya. I was introduced to this restaurant back when I was in highschool and it's been one of my favourite eating spots ever since.

And who would have thought I'd be working in North Sydney (where Rengaya is situated) and be situated within a few minutes walk of the restaurant? :) Is it fate? Can one meet destiny with food? Pogi obviously can. XD

Luckily, work also encourage client meetings at this restaurant, which I usually run up and volunteer for, but the only issue is that the restaurant is rather strict on reservation times. They once asked us to leave because the company we were with were getting rowdy in one of the "private rooms", and another because we exceeded the time we spent there. :/

Rengaya's specialises in yakiniku, (焼き肉 or 焼肉), meaning "grilled meat" in Japanese, which refers to simply grilling Japanese serving sized beef (my fav is wagyu). Not only is it fun to cook your own meat but the meat itself is de-freakin'-licious.

Wagyu beef is premium cow beef that has been nutured specifically for use in Japanese cuisines.

It looks like your typical beef cut but when it enters your mouth and goes through the process of mastacation it is scrumptious. It not only melts in your mouth but the flavour and texture is orgasmic.

I once took a bite whilst I was standing up and it made me weak at the knees. XD

There are plenty of other popular Japanese restaurants in Sydney such as Masuya (specialises in seafood) and Makoto (sushi), but Rengaya is the place for beef. Even some of my friends who have been to or came from Japan say that Rengaya's wagyu beef is better, if not, comes close to the standard in Japan.


June said...

some very cute outfits those girls are wearin in the youtube clip. I'm lovin the black pants at 3:21 :)

and your food descriptions just made me hunnnngryyy >_<

PogiChinoy said...

June: hungry? didn't you mean horny? :p I'm evil.

Do they have any stores in Brissy that remotely sell anything like this?

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