Monday, January 15, 2007

Lostie [-_-]

I lose things. Don't know why I'm cursed this way but I'm very prone to losing things.

Let me remember which memorable items I lost.....

My dad's college ring - this was a pure gold college ring he received when he graduated back in the Philippines. I was wearing it at school and took it off temporarily in class because jewellery such as rings were prohibited. After class I checked my pockets and it was missing. Went back to the classroom and it was nowhere to be found. It was Thursday (our sport day). I've avoided the topic with my dad ever since and have yet to own up to it. :/

My wallet - gee, how many times have I lost this? 5 times during highschool? it was such a pain to cancel all my debit cards and reapply for my school ID, train pass, etc. Plus my coupon cards that got me free subs or slurpees. But this does not compare to the scolding I received from my parents. It was so severe that at one point, my parents would not let me take my wallet with me when I was out, on the rare occasion when they do, I had to keep it in my front pocket (how uncomfortable) than where I prefer it, my back pocket.

My Samsung Digimax camera - after meeting up with friends to Krispy Kremes in Orange Grove, I left it at the tables outside, headed off and drove for 30 secs, noticed it was missing, drove back and it was gone. @R(AR #R*#Q $(QR$ #QDJAED SA#@$! #@*. That camera had photos of when my cousin Mark was here, visiting from Canada, all was lost. :( Some bastard/bitch thief out there has my camera and photos of my friends and family, who in particular I feel terrible about.

My Diadora tennis sweater - my beloved, lucky tennis sweater. This was the first item that I lost whilst overseas. I was in Bellingham with family at a camp site. Was freezing cold that night and drank a bit so I wasn't alert. I scuffled to the shared men's shower area and proceeded to get ready. As soon as I was done I walked out, only to realise a few hours later, after we've left the camp site, and inconveniencing my cousins in the car, that I'm missing my sweater. I retraced my steps and we thought it'd be in the showers. The camp site dude would not let us enter the site anymore, so they asked one of their staff to check the men's showers, no dice, no sweater, no tennis luck. I won one championship, and came runners up once in SDTA (Southern Districts Tennis Association) with that sweater. What a shame. I loved that sweater.

Hate Pogi yet for being retarded? >_< Titans (our basketball team) had their first game since the holiday break last night.

We lost 38-60 to a team called Tribal, unfortunately we were undermanned with only 5 players in total, the others were unavailable, injured or overseas.

My knee (considering I have torn my ligament and cartilage) surprisingly held up, but without regular exercise I was panting the whole game, felt like I was going to throw up. Pogi needs to exercise more the lazy fatty. But I made several some really kewl Rukawa (Slam Dunk!) styled plays, dribbled into the key and made a fadeaway, then made a killer half court assist, grabbed some rebounds from taller opposition players and broke some ankles including to get to the basket.

Below is an old pic of me in my bball uniform with my game face on, har har har, and my attempted short Korean/Taiwanese hair cut. :) luvo?

Oh and a shout out to Maria!! Happy Birthday bub! We had great fun at Skygarden, hope you like your pressie, lemme borrow!

Also Happy Birthdays to Henz and Nina as well. We don't get old, only older. XD


June said...

hello mister gorjuz luvo =P

speaking of losing things, i just lost the gold anklet dad gave me for xmas 2 years ago *sigh*. I have checked everywhere but to no avail. I cant believe u lost ur wallet 5 times tho whoa!

ps. did u end up goin to henz party?, i only remember seeing a pic of achoo and eric

pps. fattyboomstick =P

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