Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year! + I'm back

Happy New Year! ^_^

What a way to bring in the NY, I saw short glimpses of the
fireworks in Sydney online. I spent mine in Manila and it was crazytown. Non stop fireworks/firecrackers, partying, drinking, eating, and no sleeping! There was no break at all on NYs day, I couldn't even catch a short nap. >_<

Two words: Shopping and food.

Here is food, and further below is shopping....

That is all I did in Asia. That is all where my monies went to. Now Pogi is poor and has to work his butt off to make up for the Amex bill. :/

I also was able to "field test" the newest mall in Manila, the
Mall of Asia. Third largest shopping mall in the World. Yes, third!! It is fate for Pogi. ^_*

disclaimer: 600 stores, 150 restaurants, never enough time to get through each store.

It honestly took me 3 days to go through the whole mall, this includes drinks and food breaks, getting lost, watching the events, girl scouting and regular rest periods. Thanks to my driver, I didn't have to travel back to the car and drop of my shopping bags.

I spent other days either shopping at Glorietta, Mega Mall and Greenbelt. Greenbelt is very nice, and is my second stay there. It is the Rocks equivalent for us here in Sydney, nice cafes, nice restaurants, and boutique shopping.

I had my hair dyed there as well. :) And also spent 3 days (not consecutively!) at a day spa. Massages, clensing masks, rejuvination baths, exfoliating scurbs, the works. My skin is glowing. har har har. But not for long, because the pollution in Manila is just as bad as it's always been. :/

This was outside the mall in the bus area, a JEEPNEY!! Which is a mode of transport that is very popular in the Philippines but is dangerous because it's crowded (pick pocketers and hold uppers).

Overall the trip was awesome, it's been a long time since I spent Xmas and NYE in a different city, let alone a different country.


Featuring this post is

Here she is pictured in a label of jeans she designed with her mom, called House of Dereon.

p.s. Nice butt!

The denim range which is limited to females (pfft) features personally designed samples by Beyonce herself, that express her personality.

Doubt you could easily find them here in Sydney but as I always say, "buy your clothes overseas, so less people with have them here in Sydney." ^_*


June said...

Just passing thru again :)

Bokway said...

Hi Handsome! Like you I was also in Manila just prior to Xmas and seriously enjoyed the new Mall of Asia. However Pogi - and this is alarming - you failed to mention that the Mall is one of Manila's premier pick-up spots. Leaving aside Robinsons and anywhere in Ermita (try Mabini St.), The Mall is a brilliantly exiting and romantic venue for meeting girls. On three occasions I took up residence outside a psuedo-Italian restuarant by the Bay, and declined offer after offer of dates, assignations, meetings, etc., while my partner was busy shopping for clothes. Then, standing by the ice-rink, a stunning girl brought me a coffee and gave me her contact details. When I said I was married and just waiting for my partner, she replied "But Sir, even your Wife must sleep"! Oh God I love the Philippines Pogi - it's so hot and romantic.
I'm glad too that you enjoyed the jeepneys, but can I mention the benefits of a short ride to Binondo or Quiapo and a morning spent cruising the shops in Chinatown. I've never seen so many people in the one place at the same time before. The Women are extremely beautiful and the Men are handsome and friendly, and almost everyone speaks enough English to get by. Ah Manila - jewel of South East Asia, and the most enlightened and romantic city on the planet! Thanks for the tour-guide Pogi. I'm going back next week. Maybe I'll send you a post-card.

PogiChinoy said...

june: you poo head, is that all you've got to say girl without speech?

bokway: Haha. I failed to mention the social aspects of the mall incase my big head would get any bigger and to save myself of embarrassment.

But why the hell not? XD In various occasions (not including the advances made by retail shop girls), I was approached and hassled by a girl, a small group of girls, old ladies and *ahem* a man (a couple of retail shop guys too). :/

The individual girls were fine, but were very forward, offering me cake at one stage, then giving asking me 20 questions about myself. I once I get over about talking to myself for a few minutes, if the girl doesn't interest me, I make a piss poor effort to escape, the worst, "Sorry but I have to go meet my mom somewhere, bye!".

The group of girls made me uneasy, they were all asking questions, first one was always, "what my name was?", after saying Albert, they were mildly disappointed and then pointed out that I look like Jerry or Vic from F4 (Taiwanese boy band). Eerrgghhh? I don't look that old! Must be the hair. :/

Old ladies, I can't handle well, not only did they ask similar questions, they hinted inappropriately. Do I look soooo non-Filo? :\

The run ins with the homosexuals/transvestites (not that there's anything wrong with that! - Seinfeld), I care not to mention, they will never be discussed, EVER!

Now bokway, your reason for loving the Philippines, is it for the landscape beauty or the women. ;) Hehe.

Glad to had a great time there, I too ventured in to Chinatown in peak time, and I got amazed by a pastry store that sells the most delicious snack (hopia - combo of bread crumbs and flavour paste - my fav being ube), the store could was so busy, there was a line, with the store owner directing traffic in and out. The wait was well worth it, their hopia is amazing, plus they also sell sago and gullaman, another of my fav dessert drinks.

Being a confessed mimbo (male bimbo), I have no skill of remembering names of places, how to get to those places and where those places are. :/ Those cities/towns/provinces you mention, do not sound familiar, but I'm sure they were amazing in their own way.

One place I went to was Tagaytay, which has the best seafood in the Phils.

Bokway, definitely make an effort to eat EVERYTHING at least once.

I totally agree with you, it is a friendly, easy going city, and also incorporates similar consumerism to Japan, which is a plus for us foreigners.

Hope you enjoy your next visit there even more, enjoy the festivals (there's usually always one around) only then you'll experience the hospitality of us Filipinos.

I'm planning to go there again next year, after I visit some European countries. There's just something about the history and the ability to travel blindly, not knowing their language too well, that just intrigues me.

Oh and yeah, the food and shopping in Europe is great too. :p

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