Sunday, January 21, 2007

B'days + Clubbing + Bball

Yay for work on Fridays, because at my workplace it doesn't really mean much work. :)

Lunch time, work colleague Flavio was raving about this tightass lunchies place near work at a place called Station Hotel. $8 steaks! I had the sir loin with black pepper sauce and chips. Very yummy. Not bad for $8 but the catch is that they charge you like $3.50 for a drink, my small glass of lemonade was overpriced but no biggie.

Had one more hour in my lunch period so we spent the remainder of it fragging (geek speak for killing) eachother in Unreal Tournament 2k3. I won ofcourse because of my awesome hand coordination. I love hearing Richard, another work colleague, cursing and slamming on his keyboard and mouse when I kill him. XD

Now Friday was when, as a family, we celebrated my sister's birthday, her's is actually on the 23rd (Michael Jordan's Bball jersey number, also LeBron's). I met them at my mom's Singapore Airlines office and then proceeded to go home, to change, then drive back out to eat at Sydney Madang's restaurant for a late dinner.

It's a Korean BBQ place. Other than it being a 40 degree day (celcius, slight exaggeration), and barbequeing, the entire dinner was great, I had my usual pork belly strips and pork meat, then tried their eel, I can't eat it. Everytime I think of eel, I think of the uglee, gross looking ones from the Little Mermaid.

Knowing that Eric's b'day is also on tonite at Verandah bar, I bid my family fare well and proceeded to meet Bao, fattyboomstick, at Verandah.

I changed into this for Friday nite:

Disclaimer: ignore my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quilt, it's my childhood memories and Ninjas are kewl, therefore Ninja Turtles are ze best!

Top: white Dickies singlet from USA, white Puritan singlet from the Philippines, white Ralph Lauren Polo from USA,

Bottoms: black CK denims from Sydney, can't see it in the photo but under the jeans is a sky blue Samuel and Kevin belt from Singapore.

Shoes: And for my shoes, I chose my white canvas Umbro pair from Singapore. Later that night, I spilt some melted cheese on it. :/

Regulars: wooden feather token necklace with replaced leather necklace, silver necklace with tv show Charmed token, TAG watch and gold ring.

Saturday was another maniac crazie day, I drove to Centennial Park for Maria's (work colleague) b'day. She's Indonesian and she prepared a helluva lot of Indo food that I had no idea about. Now I'm not much of a chilli fan, so I needed help on identifying which dishes served were chilli/spicy or not. I'm a wuss. I still found their non-spicy food spicy. :/

I hope she likes the silver JAG earrings I got for her. Actually, I know she will like em. :)

Now taking from Seinfeld in the chocolate babka episode, at any "adult" social situation held at a meeting place, one should bring a food or drink item. How awesome to learn from Seinfeld. Don't hate! I learn a lot from Seinfeld, like Jujyfruits, Junior mints, etc.

I ended up bringing a passionfruit cheesecake from the Cheesecake shop. One of my classic favourite cheesecakes. Perfect combo of sweetness and cheeseness.

Later that night I failed to make it to Gibb's set at the Art House, due to a nap turning into a 12 hr sleep. :/ But from what I hear, he had a great set, props to Gibson. Now whether to go to Lupe Fiasco's this Tuesday? hhmmmmmz. Pretty cheap for $40-50 bux though.

Titan's this Sunday whooped some Filo ass once again! Titans toppled Fil-In with a 58-50 win, considering we started 8 points down because we were late. >_< And finally, part of my Sunday unwind, the newspaper! My favourite is to read the comics. Comics are for adults too!

Here's a good Garfield one. Enjoy!

From a convo with Bao tonite:

Bao: man i cant believe i hadnt seen u in so long
Bao: forgot how tall u was
Pogi: i forgot how fat you were.



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