Saturday, October 06, 2007

I can't feel my legs

...that was the feeling I had over last weekend due to Animania.

It all started on day 1, Friday, which was Jrocker Gackt costume day. I head off to Mi So's home as she'll be doing my make up, but when I get there, I'm outside ringing her cell. She doesn't pick up. I'm a bit scared knowing that families are conservative and when a stranger boy who dresses up Jrock that they've never met knocks on the door, the father or mother would be scared.

After waiting 10 mins and continuing to ring without success, I finally make the journey up to the door.

*ding dong*

My chest tightens.

Then I hear Mi So's voice, she runs to the door and greets me. I let out a sigh of relief. *phew*

1 hr later and I look smashing.

My thighs look HUGE!

Bad ass Jrock pose

Yes, those are guys in skirts/dresses/feminine wear. XD

Sexy beasts

Day 2

Saturday was even more hectic as it was a full day of craziness and we had a Death Note group happening. Once again I was Yagami Light, Mi So was Misa Misa and Tarou was L.

We made the effort to go to Kinokuniya and surprise all the patrons as we cosplayed in our outfits. There were lots of looks and attention and even inquiries on if we were international students. >_<

Misa and L actively looking for the Death Note manga section.

Misa being herself. ^_^ How adorable.

L thinking he figured out Light...

Me at Kinokuniya

Death Note

The night ended, not surprisingly with karaoke at K.

Miso and Patrick

Miso and Ed


Lyrics to Perhaps Love, song from Goong, that Miso sang, OMG I LOVE YOU!!


Day 3

Sunday was just as fun but by this time I was exhausted and didn't take as many photos of myself.

I turned up as Rukawa Kaede/Sakuragi Hanamichi from the manga/anime Slam Dunk!

This was the only decent pic of me in my costume, I covered my face cos I was dead tired that night, oh and of course, the night ended with karaoke again.

HEHEHE. Love it!!


Yes, that's Patrick in a lolita dress. hehe

Lana cosplayed as Yuna in her wedding dress with Miso.

Himiko (the doll's name) drinking Iced coffee at Ichiban Boshi.

Delicious cheese ramen from Ichiban Boshi.

Sean and Vivienne so cute with the dolls.

Me with a lolita head dress, a photo which I didn't know was taken. -_-

Eiki singing Kimi ga Sukida to Sakebitai from Slam Dunk!

Miso and Sean rockin' it

Misa and Gina acting as Jpoppers

The night is over...

Overall it was a great weekend, caught up with friends and met new people. Was a total blast and can't wait for next year.

Glad its over in a way cos I had my photo taken waaaayyy too many times. My eyes were so Chinky tiny. ^^* Plus the random cosplayers/attendees to the event pestered me about looking like a Japanese host from Osaka, Yul from Goong, Rain (Silly Anna and Warren), Hankyung from Super Junior, or any random Korean/Japanese idol. Gah!!

Song of the moment: Perhaps Love - J & Howl


Mel said...

You look hot as Gackt!!


- Mel from Soompi

teresa said...

hey,little brother.pogi...i m soo jealous that u had so much fun with ur friends...hope i could join in one day...hehe...and i m glad to see ur happy!

~ Vivienne Rose ~ said...

Hey always u look sexy :)

You are so cute !!! Hugs, squeezes and pinches for you! xox

You and your friends look amazing !! I love the photos and it's awesome they load really fast ;)

Stay safe, sexy and take it easy

- Vvn

JENNY!!!!!! said...

hahaha looks like you had a good time XD awww... I wanna go karaoke-ing!! TT^TT I never been to one before, I've just karaoked at home... ;.;

... now that you mention it...
you DO look like Hangkyung from SJ. XD LOL I would know, I've seen him in real life XP and the rest of SJ.

I'm jealous of your cosplaying skillssssssss!!!!!~~~~

- Jenny / KiYOREE

CM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CM said...

Its quite rare to see Kira cosplayers here. But there's a lot of Misa. I really love their outfit! :)

Btw, you really look good there. :) Nice pose. :)

100%SwtStar_ said...

eh ! looking like yul from goong and hankyung and rain isnt that bad at all !!!
thats actually kinda cool..
.. i think ^^;;
uhm yeah im that swtstar from soompi.. in case u thought.. wth is that weird girl doing there on my blog ^^
will check u later !!!
^^ hoi san

Exene said...

I love your cosplay! You think your thighs look fat! Oh dear... that makes me Self conscious.

Stacey said...

post more posts!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

is that really the lyrics of Perhaps love? im thinking FIRST LOVE by UTADA HIKARU? "i'll remember to love, you taught me how. you are always gonna be the one. mada kanashii love song. atarashii uta utaeru made." ^_^v

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bamboo said...

your style is so hot *nosebleeds*
& i love that song! Goong OST! (:

Toyang said...

by chance, ur half filipino and half chinese? haha...

- Victoria from Soompi!

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