Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One more sleep.....

...till my birthday!!


Ok I shush now.....



Fashion outfit

Top: Topman blazer, Dickies singlets, Fox knit, Revoltage crucifix
Bottom: Topman jeans, Umbro shoes


Food porn

Details: Vanilla slice from Michell's Patisserie
Notes: Too rich in vanilla!


Details: BBQ chicken noodle soup from random food court x slurpee x cupcake
Notes: Yum freakin' yum. Plus love the cupcake and slurpee as per usual


Had this for breakfast....not healthy! But then again, is anything I eat healthy?

Details: Cadbury roast almond chocolate block
Notes: I ate it all before lunch. [-_-]


Details: Hotcakes from McDonalds x custard tart from random milk bar
Notes: Hotcakes were good when doused with maple syrup but the custard tart was eewww. Custard was nice but the pastry was salty. :/


donkey said...

haha ,pretty girl is coming, what did you write here?

June said...

*drools at food pics*

happy bday for the 30th if i dont get to wish u one before then =)

may baby ftw

chase said...

Happy bday to you Pogi! Love the outfit. I find it gorgeous and elegant and yes lovely food porn too!

CyberCelt said...

Happy Birthday.

Stopping by for Click and Comment Monday.

Catherine said...

HEYA! I swear I left a comment in here... or was it before?
Hmm.. Anyway, love your love story =D Where's the rest?

OMG I was randomly google image searching and found this girl's blog and it's like a girl version of you! Maybe you know her!!! She totally takes pics of herself and writes up what she's wearing and where she got from

PogiChinoy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. ^_^

@Cat: the 2nd part is coming soon, sorry I've been busy, was at the hospital for a couple of days this week.

Who is this girl you're talking about?

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