Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Sis! + Australia Day + First pay check + Fashion

Well it's two days late in this post but I did celebrate it.......

HAPPY Birthday Ate!!

Note: Ate means sister in a respectful context for Tagalog Filipinos. And she is 25 today. HARahr har h.

Here is a luvo pic I took in the bathroom just before we headed out for dindins....I've got my serious game face on with my fat nose. I have the same shirt but in a blue coloured style. I prefer this orange/brown one though.

We ate at Vietnamese restaurant, I had combination with rice and ginger and shallots sauce...topics for the dinner included me possibly moving out and buying an apartment. *prays for lotto* or I have to work my ass off. :/


Australia Day - 26th January

Happy Australia day tomorrow!

Australia day is a day where we be become even more Australian (i.e. bbq parties, beaches, sport, alcohol and generally having a great time with family and friends). Alcohol (bad!!) brings people together. XD

I'll be spending mine with workmates for a team building weekend out at the 7 mile beach. I'm a mimbo (male bimbo) with directions so I can't describe it very well, I hope the pic below explains it well enough.

The company has rented a holiday house near the beach where we'll "gel" with eachother, share experiences, sit back, eat bbq'ed food and drink bottles of wine from the Hunter.


First pay check

Does anyone remember the first thing they bought with their first ever pay check?

I remember I was in grade 10, had our mandatory work experience period, and I was working at QFCL (Qantas Flight Catering Ltd) as an office clerk. Even though we weren't supposed to be paid anything during that period, my kind boss, Mr Richard Durr, gave me $250 for my help in the week.

I was over the moon because it was the first real money that I earnt myself.

So what does a boy do with money they just recently become in possession of?




I went shopping straight away and bought this at a City GPC store.....

It's a fitted Levi's Engineered jacket that look soooooo fiiiinnneee. I have a love for Levi's wear, because not only does the fit feel great, the wash is awesome, and it just looks so damn good.

Later that night, I was scolded by my Dad about the importance of money, how hard it is to earn money, why I should save, etc. This lasted for about 2-3 hrs, then the next day, the same lecture but instead for only 1 hr.




Imperial denim
im-'pir-E-&l, de-n&m

a range made in Melbourne, using japanese denim, the feature is in the construction which makes imperials a pioneer in the market, the entire piece is stitched back and the selvedge runs all the way to the waistband basically which boasts quality quality quality!! And sexay sexay sexay, RAWR! ;D

Piccies below:

Does denim turn you on?

These can be purchased here in Sydney at a store called another" (another inch).

13 Burton st, Darlinghurst. Add that to your favourites POIs on your GPS sat nav system.

Check out this kewl tee they also have! Urban TF? :p

In a marketing stunt, Diesel has been "hacked" by two ladies who are demanding that Diesel allows them to become underwear models or they will "torture" their hostage (poor guy XD). The hackers/kidnappers/underwear models are also keeping a blog of their activities and are chatting online live right now.

God I wish I was that poor bloke. :)

Song of the moment: Nas - I Got Love


June said...

ahahhaha and i thought u were kidding about the luvo pics

. . but u clean up well i must say :)

Cat said...

hehe luv readin ya blogs ay... you should come on my team of writers for my site ay!.. i'll pm you'll more about it. lata. babi_cat @ SIR3N

PogiChinoy said...

June: spaz. you love them luvo pix, hence the luvoness all around me. ^_^

cat: thanks cat! sure no probbers, i'll check sir3n for your pm. bya.

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